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8. Chapter 4- You are not well


Chapter 4- You are not well   Louis and Zayn ran down stairs.   “What did you see?” Harry asked.   “War” I said.   I could tell Amelia was upset.   “I’m sorry Amelia, I had to” Stacey said.   “I know” Amelia said.   We pulled away.       Amelia’s P.O.V    We pulled out of the hug. I stood up.   “You are resting today, you are not well” Stacey said standing up.   Stacey looked weak. I nodded. Louis and Zayn were confused. I started walking off.   “Amelia I’ll give you some more blood after” Stacey said.   I nodded.   “Why aren’t you at school Harry?” Louis asked.   “I’m looking after Amelia today” Harry said.   I got to my room. I sat on my bed. Harry walked in.   “You going to be alright?” Harry asked.   I nodded. Harry sat on my bed.   “I promised your mum I will protect you” Harry said.   “I know” I said.   Harry kissed my cheek. I smiled. Harry smiled.   “I’ll be fine” I said.   “How do you know?” Harry asked.   I looked at Harry.   “I don’t want anyone to hurt you” Harry said.   I smiled. Harry leaned in and pressed his lips onto mine. Harry pulled away.   “Sorry” Harry said.   “It’s fine” I said.   Harry pressed his lips onto mine again. I smiled. Harry pushed me onto the bed. He got on top of me. He got passionate. Harry smiled. Harry ran his hands through my hair. I smiled. I could feel Harry’s teeth coming down. Mine came down. Harry smirked. Harry moved from my lips to my neck. He kissed my neck. I smiled. I could feel his teeth against my skin. I knew he was going to bite. I pushed his off. He knew as I pushed him off.    “I’m sorry” Harry said.   I looked at him. Harry walked out of my room. I coughed. I heard a mirror smash. I stood up. I walked around. I saw Harry on the floor.    “Harry” I said.   Harry looked at me. I saw his knuckle bleeding. I closed the door.  I ran over to him.   “Why did you do that?” I asked.   “I almost bit you” Harry said.   “It’s alright” I said.   I grabbed a towel. I placed it on Harry’s knuckle. I turned and coughed.   “You okay?” Harry asked.   I nodded.    “You look really sick” Harry said.   “I’m fine, it’s you I care about right now” I said.   I cleaned up the wound.   “You’re a silly vampire” I laughed.   Harry chuckled. I took the towel off.   “Never do that again” I said.   Harry nodded. I stood up. I felt dizzy. I placed my hand on my head. Harry stood up. Harry felt my forehead.   “You’re still burning up” Harry said.   “I’m fine” I said.   “No you’re not” Harry said.   I started fainting. Harry caught me.       Harry’s P.O.V   Amelia fainted. I caught her.   “Stacey, Mary” I yelled.   They ran up to my room. They walked in.   “What happened?” Mary asked.   “She just fainted” I said.   “Put her on her bed” Mary said.   I nodded. I picked Amelia up. I carried her into her room. I got there and placed her on the bed. Mary checked Amelia over.    “Do you know what’s wrong?” I asked.   “Not yet Harry” Mary said.   “I’ll get her some more blood” Stacey said.   “No, wait” Mary said.   “What?” Stacey asked.   “It’s the blood” Mary said.   “What do you mean?” Stacey asked.   “What blood did you give her this morning?” Mary asked.   “The one we always drink” Stacey said.   “Check the packet” Mary said.   Stacey nodded and walked out. Amelia started to burn up worse. Mary bit her wrist. She placed it against Amelia’s lips. I saw Amelia’s vampire teeth show. Amelia bit into Mary’s arm. Mary didn’t seem to care. Mary pulled back. Amelia was still burning up. Stacey walked back in.   “Nothing’s on the packet’ Stacey said.   “Must be something else” Mary said.   “Maybe the bullet” I said.   Stacey and Mary looked at me.    “You could be right” Mary said.   I smiled. Stacey rolled up Amelia’s sleeve. Her arm was worse.    “Is that from the bullet?” I asked.   “Yes” Mary said.   I looked at Amelia.    “Stacey go to the store in china town and get some vampire herbs” Mary said.   Stacey nodded. She walked out. Mary looked at me.   “I need you Harry to look after her” Mary said.   I nodded. Mary stood up. She walked out. I looked at Amelia.    “I promised I’d protect you” I said.   Tears streamed. I rested my head on Amelia. I closed my eyes.    “Please be alright” I whispered.   Mary walked back in.   “Harry” Mary said.   I opened my eyes. I looked up.   “What?” I asked.   “She’ll be alright” Mary said.   “I’m just worried” I said.   “You’re allowed to be” Mary said.   “But then I’m not strong” I said.   “You don’t need to be strong to protect Amelia” Mary said.   “Yes I do” I said.   “No you don’t” Mary said.   I looked at Mary. Stacey came back.   “Look I have to pick the others up from school” Stacey said.   Stacey handed Mary the herbs. Stacey walked off.    “Harry I need you to feel up a cup of blood and put this is it and stir it” Mary said. I nodded. I grabbed the herbs. I walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a cup out. I opened the fridge and grabbed the blood out. I placed the blood in the cup along with the herbs. I stirred it together with a spoon. I placed the spoon in the sink. I grabbed the cup and walked up to Amelia’s room. I got there and handed it to Mary. Mary smiled. I sat on the bed. Mary used one hand to lift Amelia’s hand the other to give her the blood. After the blood was gone. We had to wait until she woke up. Stacey came home. 
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