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46. Chapter 39- Twitter Questions


Chapter 39- Twitter Questions   They sang ‘Na Na Na.’ I smiled. I started to hum along to the songs. Darcy fell asleep. I smiled but still hummed. They came back and changed quickly. They had to wait for a while until the video stopped playing and then they ran onto stage. They started to sing ‘Gotta be you.’ I started to hum to the song. I cradled Darcy. Lucy sat next to me.   “You’re a great mother” Lucy said.   “Thanks” I said.   The boys then got to ‘More Than This.’   “This song tonight is dedicated to my lovely girlfriend and baby girl” Harry said.   “Aww” the audience said.   I smiled. They started to sing ‘More Than This.’ Darcy was still asleep. Lucy stroked her cheek. I smiled.   “I’m a great aunty” Lucy said.   “All of you guys are and the boys are great uncles, Lux is a great friend and Lou is also a great Aunty” I said.   Lou smiled.After the boys finished singing. They got to the twitter questions. They were reading them out. The first one was.       I love 1D they are really amazing and nice to their friends, family and fans, I really am so excited that I got to see you perform   Melissa Parks                Upper Tier- Row A- seats 12-14       Can you show us how to do the screw the light blob and pat the dog?   Hannah Markers                 Floor- Row A- Seats 40-42       I could hear them doing it the Louis was telling them what to do.       Hey 1D I was wondering if we could see Harry’s girlfriend and baby girl?   Sophie Under hood                 floor         Row A seats 1-3       “Hang on” Harry said.   Harry ran off stage.   “Come on Amelia” Harry said.   Harry grabbed Darcy. I stood up. We walked onto stage. Fans screamed.   “This is our baby girl Darcy and my lovely girlfriend Amelia” Harry said.   I waved. The boys walked up.   “Hello” Louis said.   “Hey” I said.   Fans awwed at us.   “She’s adorable” Sophie said.   “I’m guessing you’re the girl that sent the tweet in” Liam said.   “Yeah” Sophie said.   Harry was still holding Darcy.    “Here Sophie you can come up here and hold her for a while” Harry said.   I smiled. A guard helped Sophie onto stage. She walked up to us.    “Alright hold out your hands” Harry said.   Sophie did. Harry slowly placed Darcy into her arms. Harry kissed my cheek.    “She’s so cute” Sophie said.   “Thanks” Harry said.    The boys took a photo. Sophie handed Darcy to me. I grabbed her.    “Thank you so much” Sophie said.   “No problem” Harry said.   Sophie walked off stage and sat back down.    “Stay until the tweets are finished” Harry whispered.   He grabbed my arm and walked me towards the guys. Liam grabbed Darcy. I smiled. Liam held her for a while.       If you could be any animal what would you be and why?   Amanda Samuels                            Floor- Row A- Seats 50-52       “I’d be a gorilla” Zayn said.   “Lion” Louis said.   “Hyena, because I’d laugh all the time” Niall said   “Maybe like a chimpanzee” Harry said.   “I’ll be a monkey because I can do this” Liam said.   He did a monkey face. Darcy woke up and laughed.   “Darcy laughed” Niall said.   Liam looked at Darcy with his monkey face. She laughed again. Liam stopped and took some breaths.   “There you go Amanda” Liam said.   Liam handed Darcy to Harry. Harry grabbed her.        Can you guys show us all your dance moves?   Melody Lake          Upper Tier- Row A- Seats 47-48       I grabbed Darcy. The boys started to do their dance moves. I smiled. Harry looked at me and did his. I laughed. Harry grabbed Darcy and spun her around. I smiled. Harry kissed my cheek. I grabbed Darcy. I walked off. Harry smiled. Lux and Lou smiled.   “Have fun” April asked.   “It was alright” I said.   The boys started singing again. I smiled. After a while they got to their last song before their change which was ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ I started to sing along softly. Lou was surprised.   “You are an amazing singer” Lou said.   “Thank you” I said.   Darcy was still awake. I smiled. The boys ran backstage after they finished their song. They got changed for their last song. Harry pecked my lips. I smiled. Harry grabbed a bottle and microphone and walked onto stage. They started talking. The crowd where going crazy. They started their song ‘I Want.’ I smiled. This was my favourite song from One Direction. They got to the end of the song.    “Thank you guys for coming” Louis said.   “Bye” They all said.   The boys ran off. They got back to us. Harry smiled.  He grabbed Darcy. I smiled.   “How’s my baby girl going” Harry said.   Darcy smiled.    “I’m guessing great” Harry smiled.   I laughed. Everyone left apart from the boys, April, Luna, Lucy and I. Harry kept playing around with Darcy. I smiled.   “You alright?” Luna asked.   I nodded. Harry looked at me. He gave Darcy to Louis. I turned and walked off.    “Amelia” Harry said.   I got outside. Harry walked out.   “You alright?” Harry asked.   I nodded.   “No you’re not” Harry said.   I looked at Harry.   “What is it?” Harry asked.   “I’m still scared” I said.   “Don’t be” Harry said.   “Easy for you to say” I said.   Harry hugged me.   “Amelia she won’t get hurt” Harry said.   “Fine” I said.   I pulled away from Harry. We walked back in.    “You okay?” Louis asked.   “Yeah” I said. I grabbed Darcy. Harry smiled. We walked out and got into the limousine. Paul got into the front and drove off. Paul got to our place. We all stepped out. Darcy was asleep. Paul drove off. We walked into the house and made our way to our rooms. I placed Darcy into her cot slowly. Harry smiled. I shut the door and got changed. Harry took his top off. I opened the door. Harry and I got into the bed and fell asleep.   
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