vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


45. Chapter 38- Lux loves Darcy


Chapter 38- Lux loves Darcy   Lux pulled back.   “You’re a good girl Lux” I said.   Lux smiled. Darcy cried. I calmed her down. Darcy fell asleep. I smiled. Luna grabbed Darcy. I smiled. Lux wanted me to hold her. I grabbed her. I sat Lux on my lap. Lux smiled.   “Do you wuv Harry?” Lux asked.   “Yes I do” I said.   “I wuv him too” Lux said.   “Everyone does” I smiled.   Lux clapped. Harry smiled.   “You’re really great with kids” Lou said.   “So are you” I said.   Lou smiled.    “I wuv Darcy too” Lux said.   “So does Harry and myself” I said.   Lux smiled.    “We’d better started the sound check” Sandy said.   The boys nodded. Harry stood up.   “See you after” Harry said.   “Yeah” I said.   “Bye Lux and Darcy” Louis said.   Lux waved. I smiled. Lux sat next to me.   “Mummy can I hold Darcy” Lux asked.   “Sure if your allowed too” Lou said.    Luna handed Darcy to me. I grabbed her. Lou nodded.   “Now be careful Lux” I said.   Lux nodded. I helped Darcy into Lux’s arms. Lux held her. I smiled. Lou and the girls took a photo. I smiled.    “You’re such a good little girl” Lou smiled.   Lux smiled. Lux handed Darcy back to me. I grabbed her.    “Thank you” Lux said.   “Not a problem” I said.   Lux stood up and walked over to Lou. Lou grabbed her and held her. I smiled. Darcy opened her eyes. April sat next to me.   “I’m so proud of you” April said.   “Thanks” I said.   April hugged me.    “Nothing will happen to Darcy we will protect you and her” April said.   I nodded. I kissed Darcy’s cheek. The boys came back. April stood up and walked up to the girls.   “Harry you missed it, Lux held Darcy” I said.   Harry smiled. He sat next to me. Harry grabbed Darcy. I smiled.    “Hello beautiful” Harry said.   Darcy blinked.    “She blinked” Harry said.   I laughed.   “What?” Harry asked.   “You” I said. It became 7:30pm. The concert started at 8pm. The boys were getting ready. Lou and the makeup stylist fixed the boys up. Lux kept playing pick-a-boo with Darcy. I couldn’t stop laughing she was so adorable. It became 8pm. Fans were already screaming for their seats. Harry pecked my lips and kissed Darcy’s forehead. He ran to the others. They ran onto stage and started singing.  
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