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44. Chapter 37- Lux meeting Darcy


Chapter 37- Lux meeting Darcy   Harry pecked my lips.    “We should get going” Louis said.   Harry grabbed Darcy. I brushed my hair. I grabbed a bag for Darcy. It had milk and nappies in their just in case. Harry kept holding Darcy. He didn’t want to let her go. I smiled. We got into the limousine. Paul drove off. Harry was still holding Darcy.    “You are really great father” I said.   Harry smiled. We got to the venue. We heard screaming. Fans were already there. Wow. We all stepped out. Harry handed Darcy to me. I grabbed her. We followed Paul and some other security guards to the back of the venue. Darcy was still asleep. We got in there. Harry and I sat down. Harry grabbed Darcy. I smiled.   “She is really like you too” Paul said.   “Thanks” Harry said.   Harry kissed Darcy’s forehead. The bands, Lou (the stylist), her baby Lux and the makeup artist arrived. Lux walked over to Harry.   “Hey baby Lux this is Darcy” Harry said.   Lux smiled and kissed Darcy’s forehead.   “Aww” I said.   Lux smiled. Louis took a photo.    “She’s really cute Amelia” Lou said.   “Thank you” I said.   “Can Lou hold her?” Harry asked.   “Yeah” I said.   Harry handed Darcy to Lou. Lou grabbed her. Harry picked up baby Lux.   “How are you going?” Harry asked.   “Gwwd” Lux said.   Harry smiled. Lou was having a good time holding Darcy.   “How old is she?” Lou asked.   “A week” I said.   “Aww” Lou said.   I smiled. Lou handed Darcy to me. I grabbed her.   “Thanks for letting me hold her” Lou said.   “No problem” I said.   Lou smiled. Lou grabbed Lux. Harry smiled.   “Looks like they are going to become great friends” Lou said.   “Yeah” Harry smiled.   Darcy woke up. I smiled.   “Hello” I said.   Harry smiled. Harry stroked Darcy’s cheek.   “Aww she is so cute” Josh said.   I smiled. Lux nodded.    “You’re going to be a great friend to Darcy” Zayn said.   Lux nodded.   “I wuv her” Lux said.   “Aww” I said. Lux walked up to Darcy. Lux kissed Darcy’s forehead. I smiled. Lux then hugged Darcy. Louis took a photo so did Lou and Harry.   
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