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43. Chapter 36- Nightmare about the war


Chapter 36- Nightmare about the war   A week past. I was having another nightmare. I could tell you it was a bad one. I was screaming.      Harry’s P.O.V   I was woken up by Amelia having a nightmare. I turned. I saw her screaming and yelling.   “Amelia” I said.   She didn’t hear me.    “HARRY!” Amelia yelled.   Everyone ran in.    “Louis take Darcy out of here for now, everyone else look after Darcy” I said.   Everyone nodded. Louis grabbed Darcy. They walked out. April shut the door. I looked at Amelia. I tried everything to wake her up. She wouldn’t. She kept screaming and yelling my name. She began chocking. I don’t know what to do. She always snaps out of these kind of dreams.    “HARRY!” Amelia yelled again.   I tired calming her down for the last time. She let out one last scream then nothing.   “Amelia” I said.   She opened her eyes and screamed. I quickly pulled her onto my lap.    “Shh… Tell me about your nightmare” I said.   “No” Amelia cried.   I played with Amelia’s hair while she rested in my lap.    “Was it the war?” I asked.   Amelia nodded.   “Are you sure you don’t want to tell me” I said.   Amelia took a deep breath.   “You left me, I was fighting all by myself and Andy knocked me down, he began chocking me, I was screaming so loud, you were nowhere then it ended with Andy killing me” Amelia cried.   “I will never leave you, you know that” I said.   I cradled Amelia.   “Where’s Darcy?” Amelia asked.   “Louis is looking after her” I said.   Amelia nodded.    “Stop worrying sweetheart and get some rest” I said.   “I can’t sleep now” Amelia said.   “Alright I’ll keep you locked in my arms until you feel better” I said.   Amelia nodded. I was still cradling Amelia. I kissed her cheek.    “It’s alright love” I said.   Amelia kept crying. I kissed the top of Amelia’s head. I put my arms around her waist.    “If you ever want to fall asleep I will be here for you” I whispered.   Amelia nodded. I whipped her tears off.   “We better get dressed we have our sound check at 12pm” I said.   Amelia moved away and stood up slowly. I stood up. I shut the door. We both got changed.       Amelia’s P.O.V   I got changed. Harry was also dressed he wore sweat pants and a white v-neck. I walked out. I got to the lounge. Louis handed Darcy to me. I grabbed her.   “Hey beautiful” I said.   I smiled.   “Thanks Louis” I said.   “No problem” Louis said.   I walked back up to our room. I placed Darcy onto the change table. Harry grabbed Darcy a nice dress out. I changed Darcy’s dipper. Harry changed her clothes.    This is what she wore:      I smiled. Harry picked Darcy up.    “God she is so cute” Harry said.   I laughed.    “Yeah she is” I said. I grabbed the dipper. I walked to the bin outside and put it in there. I walked back into the house. I washed my hands. Harry handed Darcy to me. I grabbed her.
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