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42. Chapter 35- Will you marry me?


Chapter 35- Will you marry me?   Louis smiled. Harry and I put our phones away. I grabbed Darcy. She was so cute. I walked up to my room and placed her into her cot. We already brought the cot and baby capsule for the car if we ever go out. I smiled. Harry walked in.    “She asleep?” Harry asked.   “Yeah” I whispered.   Harry walked up to me and placed his hands around my waist. He placed his head on my chin to look at Darcy. Harry smiled.   “We did well babe” Harry said.   “Yeah” I said.   Harry chuckled.   “She’ll grow up brave and pretty” Harry said.   I nodded. Harry smiled. Harry stroked Darcy’s cheek. I smiled.   “Soon you and her will be in the Styles family” Harry said.   I looked at Harry confused. Harry moved his hands and kneeled down. Everyone else walked up. Louis and Liam were filming. Harry pulled out a small box and opened it.   “Amelia Stella Heart will you marry me?” Harry asked.   Tears fell from excitement.   “YES”I screamed.    Harry smiled. He placed the ring on my finger.    This is the ring:sliver ring with a pink diamond in the middle      As he did that he crashed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Harry pulled back. Everyone cheered quietly. Harry hugged me.    “I love you” Harry said.   “Love you too” I said.   Harry pulled back. I smiled. Elena ran and hugged me. I smiled.   “I am so proud of you” Elena said.   “Thanks” I said.   Elena pulled back. Harry put his arms around my waist. I smiled. We all started talking.   “We have a concert in a week and you guys should come along” Liam said.   “Why wouldn’t we” Luna said.   Louis laughed.   “If we do go, do I bring Darcy or what?” I asked.   “Bring Darcy, I want to show off my daughter and wife to be” Harry said.   “Okay” I said. It became late. We all fell asleep in our bedrooms. Harry had his arms around me. I was smiling. I had the perfect life. A beautiful baby daughter, the world’s best friends I could ever have and a husband to be. Nothing couldn’t destroy us not now. Not even the war that’s coming soon. 
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