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the is not my story


41. Chapter 34- She has your laugh and your smile


Chapter 34- She has your laugh and your smile   Andy and Sophie walked in. Everyone protected Darcy and I.   “Leave” Elena said.   “No” Andy said.   I looked at Darcy and smiled. Steven started to fight Andy. April started to fight Sophie. Harry turned to me.   “Are you okay?” Harry asked.   “Yeah” I said.   Harry smiled and grabbed Darcy.   “Elena” I whispered.   Elena turned to me.   “When do I start to feed Darcy blood?” I whispered.   “I think when she’s 6 months old” Elena whispered.   I nodded.   “I’ll double check with mum” I whispered.   Harry smiled. Darcy woke up. Harry handed her to me. I grabbed her. Darcy started to cry.   “Shh…” I said.   I cradled Darcy. Darcy fell asleep. Harry smiled. Andy and Sophie left. Harry grabbed Darcy. I grabbed my phone.       “Hello” Mum said.   “Hey” I said.   “Amelia” Mum said.   “Yeah I was wondering when do we start feeding a vampire baby blood?” I asked.   “Aww was she born?” Mum asked.   “Yeah” I said.   “About 6 or 9 months old, it depends but you feed her milk until then” Mum said.   “Okay thanks” I said.   “No problem, I have to go” Mum said.   “Bye” I said.       I hung up.   “What did your mum say?” Harry asked.   “At 6 or 9 months, we feed her milk until then” I said.   Harry smiled. I grabbed Darcy. Harry kissed my cheek. I stroked Darcy’s cheek.   “She’s so perfect” Harry said.   “Yeah” I said.   “Just like you” Harry said.   “I’m not perfect” I said.   Liam grabbed Darcy. I smiled. Harry put his arms around my waist.   “To me you are perfect” Harry whispered.    I smiled. Harry rested his chin on my shoulder.    “But she is beautiful like you” Harry said.   “Yeah” I said.   “She’ll have your laugh and smile” Harry smiled.   “She’ll have your hair and eyes” I said.   Harry laughed.   “And dimples” Harry said.   I nodded.    “She is really cute” Liam said.   Harry and I smiled. Louis took a photo. Ten minutes later Harry and my phone buzzed. He grabbed them we checked it. It had a picture of Darcy. The caption said.   “@Harrystyles and @AmeliaHeart’s baby girl Darcy so cute, she is now known as baby direction” posted by @Louis_Tomlinson.   Harry and I smiled. “Thanks Lou” I said. 
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