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39. Chapter 33- Giving birth


Chapter 33- Giving birth   8 Months past. Yay a month to go. We’ve had a ball these last past 8 months. I met Danielle she is really nice. We bonded really well. I’m really happy for Liam. He is upset that he hasn’t told her he is a vampire. Everyone has helped Harry and I through this even mine and his parents no once have they turned their back on us. I slowly woke up. I sat up. Harry walked in with a glass of blood.   “Here” Harry said placing the glass onto the table.   I smiled. Harry sat onto the bed and placed his hand onto my stomach. I smiled. The baby kicked. Harry smiled.   “Why are you smiling?” Harry asked.   “It hurt” I said.   I screamed as a contraction came. Harry looked at me. I breathed in and out slowly. I laid back down. Harry grabbed the glass. He placed the glass in my mouth. I smiled. I drank some of the blood. Harry smiled. He took the glass away. I’m only allowed to drink small bits at a time now that’s what the doctor said anyway. Elena and Steven walked in.   “How are you going?” Elena asked.   “Alright except it hurts when it kicks” I said.   “It would” Elena said.   I screamed as another contraction came.   “Steve get everything set downstairs” Harry said.   Steven nodded and walked out. We decided to have the birth at home since it was a vampire baby and only vampire doctors now how to react if something happens. Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, April, Luna and Lucy are out for the day. The doctor told us I was either going to be a month early or have it a week early. Elena and Steven stayed just in case. Vampire hunters all the fallen came down. Harry kissed my forehead. He gave me some more blood. I smiled.   “Elena can you go and help Steven please?” Harry asked.   Elena nodded and walked out. After a while I felt my water break.   “Harry” I said.   “Yes” Harry said.   “My water just broke” I said.   Harry quickly grabbed my hand and helped me up. I screamed. Harry helped me down the stairs. Lucky Steven and Elena finished setting everything up. Elena called for a female vampire doctor to come down. She was down in a flash. She rang the door bell. Steven walked up to the door and answered it. Steven let the doctor in. Everyone closed the blinds. Apart from me. Elena and Harry helped me lay down. Harry held my hand. He checked his watch. I screamed as a contraction came. Harry started counting. He counted to about 5 minutes another contraction came. I screamed louder. God it hurts.   Elena grabbed a towel. She started to whip the sweat from my forehead. Steven ran up to mine and Harry’s room to get the blood. He ran back down the stairs. I screamed as more contractions came. They came every minute. Steven fed me the blood.   “Alright Amelia I am going to tell you to push once the contractions are 30 seconds apart” the doctor said.   I nodded. I squeezed Harry’s hand and screamed. As they came every 30 seconds.   “Alright one the count of three push” the doctor said.   I nodded.   “1…2…3 push” the doctor said.   I pushed and screamed. I kept pushing. I squeezed onto Harry’s hand. Harry smiled. We got to a part where it was going to get harder. I had to put all my energy into this.   “Amelia” the doctor said.   I looked at her.   “Keep pushing do not give up” The doctor said.   I nodded. I pushed as hard as I could. I screamed. I kept squeezing onto Harry’s hand every time I had to give it all I had. 2 hours later the baby was born. I heard crying and smiled.   “It’s a girl” the doctor said.   Harry and I smiled. Harry placed a sheet over me. I fell asleep. Elena whipped all the sweat from my forehead.       Harry’s P.O.V   Amelia fell asleep. I kissed her forehead. After Elena whipped all the sweat off.   “It’s natural for Amelia to fall asleep” The doctor said whipping our baby girl off.   I smiled.   “You did good babe” I whispered in Amelia’s ear.   An hour later Amelia woke up. I smiled. Amelia sat up slowly. Steven gave Amelia the glass of blood. She drank it all. Steven smiled. The doctor handed Amelia our baby girl.   “What are you going to name her?” the doctor asked.   I looked at Amelia.   “Darcy Mary Stacey Heart-Styles” Amelia and I said.       Amelia’s P.O.V   “Long name” Elena said. “It’s just because I am  not married yet” I smiled.   
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