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38. Chapter 32- I'll do everything to protect you and our baby


Chapter 32- I'll do everything to protect you and our baby   Amelia nodded. The doctor got up and left. I smiled at Amelia.   “What?” Amelia asked.   “Nothing just love you” I said.   Amelia sat up.   “You were worried huh?” Amelia asked.   I nodded.   “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Amelia asked.   “I was scared you’d laugh” I said.   “I would never laugh” Amelia smiled.   I pecked her lips. Amelia smiled. Amelia and I stood up. We walked down stairs. Amelia and I sat on the couch. I put my hand on her stomach. Amelia smiled. I smiled.   “You’ll be fine” I said.   “I hope so” Amelia said.   I kissed Amelia’s forehead.    “And so will the baby” I whispered.   I smiled. Amelia nodded. Elena and Steven served out Lunch. We all started eating. Amelia was only eating small amounts.   “You alright Amelia?” Elena asked.   “Yeah just not really hungry” Amelia said.   Amelia stood up and walked off. I sighed.    “You alright?” Louis asked.   “Yeah” I said.   “What did the doctor say?” Elena asked.   “That if she has too much blood we could lose the baby and if she sleeps in too long she could hurt herself or the baby, I’m thinking maybe that’s scaring her” I said.   I stood up. I walked off. I got to our room. I saw Amelia sitting there.   “You alright?” I asked.   Amelia looked at me. She was going to cry. I quickly sat on the bed.    “Come here” I said.    Amelia moved closer. I hugged her. I rubbed Amelia’s back.    “You and the baby are going to be fine” I said.   Amelia cried. I kissed the top of her head.   “What’s the matter?” I asked.   “I had a dream last night and…” Amelia trailed off.   “What happened?” I asked.   “They took it” Amelia cried.   “Who took what?” I asked.   “The hunters took our baby” Amelia cried.   “Shh… that will never happen” I said.   I kept rubbing Amelia’s back.    “I don’t want our baby to die or be taken” Amelia said.   “We won’t let that happen” I said.   Amelia pulled away. I smiled and whipped her tears off.   “As I said I will do everything to protect you and our baby” I said.   Amelia nodded.   “Come on let’s see a smile” I said.   I saw a smile creep on Amelia’s face.    “There you go” I said.   Amelia hit me. I laughed.   “Feeling better?” I asked.   “Yeah” Amelia said.   I smiled. I kissed Amelia’s forehead.    “Come on, your lunch is getting cold” I said.   Amelia rolled her eyes. We both stood up and walked out. We got into the dining room. We sat down and started to eat again. We both finished. I smiled and kissed Amelia’s cheek. Louis and Luna did the dishes. Amelia and I stood up and we sat on the couch in the lounge and watched ‘Love Actually.’ We were enjoying the movie. Until the boys came and changed it.   “We were watching that” I said.   “So” Liam said.   Vampire hunters showed up. I helped Amelia up. I protected her. Everyone else helped me protect Amelia. Our fangs were showing.    “Look at that” Alex said.   I was mad at Alex.    “Harry’s mad you still remember when I almost killed Amelia” Alex laughed.   I was so mad at him. Sophie grabbed Amelia. Amelia screamed.   “Amelia” I said.   I turned.   “Let her go” I snapped.   Sophie pulled out a knife. I was scared she was going to hurt Amelia. Sophie placed the knife against Amelia’s throat.   “Now calm down and I won’t hurt her” Sophie said.   My fangs disappeared.    “Please let her go” I said.   Sophie lowered the knife and pushed Amelia. I caught her.   “You alright?” I asked.   Amelia nodded. I hugged Amelia. Louis started to fight Alex. Luna started to fight Andy and April started to fight Amy. Steven started to fight Sophie.   “Keep Amelia protected Harry” Elena said. I nodded. Amelia smiled. After a while Andy, Amy, Alex and Sophie left. I kept Amelia in my arms. She had her arms around me. It became late we all fell asleep.   whoever is reading tell me when you want more thanks  and keep moving forward and keep holding on. love ya 
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