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37. Chapter 31- Visit from the doctor


Chapter 31- Visit from the doctor   Amelia’s P.O.V   After dessert. We all made our ways up to our rooms. When I got to my room. I quickly shut the door and got changed. After I got dressed I opened the door and laid on the bed. Harry smiled. He took his top off. Harry got into the sheets. I got into the sheets. I rested my head onto Harry’s chest. Harry smiled. He started to play with my hair. I smiled. Harry kissed the top of my head. I fell asleep on him. Harry smiled and also fell asleep. The next day I woke up. Harry was out of bed. I began to worry. I looked around the whole room. Nothing.    “Harry” I yelled.   Harry ran in.   “What?” Harry asked.   I caught my breath.   “Nothing I just thought… Never mind” I said.   Harry walked up and saw on the bed.   “You thought I left didn’t you” Harry said.   “Yeah sorry” I said.   “No problem, love” Harry said.   Harry kissed my forehead.   “I was just talking to the boys” Harry said.   I nodded.   “I’ll get you some blood, be back in a minute” Harry said.   “Okay” I said.    Harry smiled. He stood up and walked out. A minute past. Harry walked in with a glass of blood.   “Thanks” I said.   “No problem love” Harry said.    Harry put the blood on the table. I smiled.    “You alright?” Harry asked.   “Just tired” I said.   Harry nodded. I rested my head on the pillow again. Harry smiled. I fell asleep.       Harry’s P.O.V   Amelia fell asleep. I’m really worried for her. She’s sleeping in a lot. I’m scared that something might happen if she keeps sleeping in. I kissed Amelia’s cheek. I walked down stairs.   “Hey Elena can I ask you something?” I asked.   “Sure” Elena said.   “How long should Amelia sleep for?” I asked.   “About 9 hours why?” Elena said.   “Because she’s sleeping in a lot, she just fell asleep again before” I said.   “I’ll get a vampire doctor to check her over, once she’s awake again” Elena said.   I nodded.   “Thanks” I said.   Elena smiled. I sat on the couch.   “Harry where’s Amelia?” April asked.   “Asleep” I said.   I ran my hands through my hair. I always do this when I’m worried about something.   “You alright?” Louis asked sitting next to me.   I nodded.   “No you’re not, when you run your fingers through your hair it means you’re worried about something” Louis said.   I looked at him.   “Just worried about Amelia” I said.   “Why?” Louis asked.   “She’s sleeping in a lot lately and I don’t know if that’s good or bad” I said.   “She’ll be fine” Louis said.   Louis got up and walked up to Luna. I sighed. I walked up to Amelia and my room. I got there. She was still asleep.    “Amelia” I said.   Amelia opened her eyes slowly. I sat on the bed. Elena walked in with the vampire doctor.   “Why is the doctor here?” Amelia asked.   I looked at her.   “You’ve been sleeping in and I’m worried Amelia” I said.   Amelia sighed. The doctor walked in. She sat on the bed.   “Alright how much blood do you take?” the doctor asked.   “About 5 glasses a day” Amelia said.   “You’ve got to cut down, take little sips or you will hurt your baby” the doctor said.   I looked at the doctor.   “I also hear you’ve been sleeping in” The doctor said.   “I don’t know if I am or not” Amelia said. “I’m sorry to say this but you are, you are only allowed to get 9 hours of sleep when you’re pregnant or you could hurt yourself or your baby” the doctor said. 
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