vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


36. Chapter 30- I will protect you and our baby


Chapter 30- I will protect you and our baby “Amelia listen, we will try our best to keep our baby safe from the fallen any other vampire groups and vampire hunters, I don’t like to see you like this” I said.    Amelia nodded. I kissed her cheek.   “Okay Harry” Amelia said.   I knew she was going to cry.    “Amelia I will always be here to protect you and our baby, no matter what” I said.   “I know Harry” Amelia said.   I smiled. I started to rock side to side with Amelia in my arms.   “You’re the best thing the ever happened to me” I said.   “Same” Amelia said.   “Well apart from our baby” I said.   Amelia chuckled.   “What?” I asked.   “You” Amelia said.   Elena and Steven walked in.   “Hey dinners ready guys” Elena said.   “Thank you be down in a minute” I said.   Amelia and I stood up. We walked down stairs. We got into the dining room and sat down with the others. Steven served out dinner. I smiled. We all started eating. Amelia got up and ran off.   “I think that’s morning sickness” Louis said.   I stood up and followed Amelia. I walked past one of the bathrooms and heard someone throwing up. I walked in and saw Amelia. I rubbed her back. Amelia stopped throwing up. She cleaned her mouth. I stopped rubbing her back.   “You okay?” I asked.   Amelia nodded. I kissed Amelia’s forehead. Amelia smiled. We both walked back into the dining room. We both started eating again. Amelia finished eating. Everyone was shocked the she ate fast.   “What?” Amelia said.   “Nothing” Louis said.   Amelia poked her tongue out at Louis. I laughed.    “Attitude” Louis laughed.   Amelia looked at Louis.   “Sorry” Louis said.   I laughed.   “You are so scared” I said.   We got dessert. We started eating. Amelia didn’t eat.   “You okay?” I asked.   “Yeah just don’t want to eat” Amelia said.   Niall smiled and stole the cheesecake. Amelia laughed.   “Yeah you can have it” Amelia said.   Niall smiled and started to eat the cheesecake. 
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