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7. Chapter 3- Nightmare


Chapter 3- Nightmare   “Thank you” I said.   Harry’s teeth disappeared. Everyone was looking at us.   “Lovers” Niall said.   “Take that back” I said.   “No” Niall said.   “You’d better run” I said.   Niall ran. I ran after him. I kept chasing him. I am faster than him. I tripped him. I got onto of him.   “Take it back” I said.   “Alright, I’m sorry” Niall said.   I got off him. I held my hand out. Niall grabbed it. I helped him up. Niall smiled. He brushed himself off. I rolled my eyes. I walked off. We walked back into the house.    “Dinner” Stacey said.   We walked up to the kitchen and grabbed our plates. We then made our way into the dining room and started eating. Louis poked my arm.   “What are you doing?” I asked.   “Seeing if it hurt” Louis said.   I laughed. Stacey brought out desert. It was ice-cream with all our favourite toppings. We all started eating. Louis kept poking me.   “I’ll bite your finger” I said.   Louis pulled away.   “Not my nerf gun finger” Louis said.   I laughed.   “Then stop poking me” I said.   Louis nodded. I laughed. After we finished desert. We placed the blows in the sink. We ran up to our rooms and put our PJ’s on. We all fell asleep.       *Nightmare*   “We are going to end this now” Andy said.   “You are so on” I said.   My teeth showed. We started fighting.   “Amelia you’re strong” Andy said.   I smiled. I kicked Andy. Andy fell to the ground. I smiled. Andy swooped his leg under mine. I fell to the ground. Andy quickly grabbed a knife. I tried moving. Andy sat on me.   “Get off” I said.   “No, die in hell” Andy said.   I tried to get Andy off me.    “No one’s here to protect you” Andy laughed.   Andy stabbed me. I screamed. Andy got off me. He took the knife out. I screamed louder. I closed my eyes.   *End nightmare*       I woke up and screamed. Stacey ran in.   “Amelia are you alright?” Stacey asked.   I shook my head. Stacey hugged me.   “I’m keeping you off today, same with Harry” Stacey said.   “But” “No you are resting” Stacey said cutting me off.   “Alright” I said.   Harry walked in.   “Harry I am keeping you and Amelia off today” Stacey said.   Harry nodded.   “Look after her, I’ll make her some breakfast” Stacey said.   Harry nodded. Harry sat on the bed. Stacey got up and walked out. Harry saw my tears.   “What?” Harry asked.   “Nightmares” I said.   Harry hugged me. He kissed the top of my head.   “I’ll be here all day if you need me” Harry said.   I nodded. Stacey walked back in. Harry and I pulled back.   “I told the others, they have already left for school” Stacey said.   Harry and I nodded.   “Alright Amelia bloods in the cup, you need your strength” Amelia said.   I nodded. Harry smiled. Stacey handed me the cup. She placed the pancakes on the side of the bed for me.   “Thank you” I said.   “No problem” Stacey said.   She walked out. I started to eat the pancakes. After I finished. I drank the blood. I placed the cup down. Harry smiled and kissed my forehead.   “Get some rest” Harry said.   I nodded. I laid down. Harry sat on the chair. I fell asleep.       Harry’s P.O.V   I was watching over Amelia. She looks so cute when she sleeps. She started to call out my name. I looked at her. She started to sweat and pant. I got up and ran over to her. She started screaming like she was in pain.   “Amelia” I said.   She couldn’t hear me. I got scared. I shook her. Amelia’s eyes shot open.   “Amelia are you alright?” I asked.   She looked at me. I hugged her.    “Come on” I said.   I grabbed her hand. I helped her out of bed. We walked down the stairs. She didn’t look to well. I mean she was really pale and we are never pale. We got into the lounge. Mary stood up. She walked up to us.   “Amelia you don’t look well” Mary said.   I looked at Amelia. Mary felt Amelia’s forehead.   “You’re burning up” Mary said.   Amelia sat on the couch.   “What happened before?” Stacey asked.   “Another nightmare” I said.   “Alright, I have no choice” Stacey said.   “Stacey it’s a big risk” Mary said.   “I have to Mary” Stacey said.   Mary sighed and nodded. I looked at Stacey. Stacey walked up to Amelia.   “Amelia look at me” Stacey said.       Amelia’s P.O.V   “Amelia look at me” Stacey said.   I looked at Stacey.   “I’m going to go through your mine to see about the nightmares” Stacey said.   I nodded. Stacey looked at me.    “Close your eyes” Stacey said   I closed my eyes. I screamed.   Amelia” Harry said.   “Shh” Mary said.      Stacey’s P.O.V I was in Amelia’s mind. Pretty normal for a teenage vampire. I looked around. I couldn’t see anything until I got further into her mind. I kept hearing her scream. I know it’s hurting her but I have to do this. I finally found something. It had Amelia and Harry fighting. But I couldn’t see anyone else. I saw the war but only Amelia and Harry where fighting. Amelia kept screaming. I then saw something else. But I lost concentration. I breathed slowly. Amelia’s eyes shot open. She let out a last scream. I hugged her. 
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