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35. Chapter 29- I don't want our baby to go through what I went through


Chapter 29- I don't want our baby to go through what I went through   I smiled. Harry rubbed my back.     “I think you might have got the worst of it” Louis said.   “I did” I said.   “Is it safe to go back in?” Harry asked.   “Yeah” Elena said.   We all walked back in. As we got to the lounge I sat on the couch.   “Do you want to finish your lunch?” Harry asked.   “No you can have it” I said.   “I’ll put it in the fridge if you want it afterwards” Harry said.   “Okay” I said.   I heard Harry place something into the fridge. I felt really tied. I laid on the couch and fell asleep. I felt someone pick me up. I then felt someone laying me down on the bed. I felt someone kiss my forehead.      Harry’s P.O.V   I carried Amelia to her room. I placed her gently onto the bed. After that I kissed her forehead. I walked out of the room. I made my way down stairs.   “Is Amelia asleep?” Liam asked.   “Yeah” I said.   I grabbed some blood out of the fridge. I placed it into a glass. I drank the blood. After I finished drinking the blood. I placed the glass into the sink. I walked up to Amelia’s room. She was still asleep. I laid on the bed next to her. I kissed the back of Amelia’s neck. I stated to play with her hair. I smiled. Her hair is so long beautiful. The hair, eyes, mouth and the sense of humor I fell in love with when I first met her. I really do love her. I put my arms around Amelia. I pulled her closer towards my chest. I wanted to keep Amelia safe no matter what. I kissed Amelia’s cheek. I saw her smile.    “Are you awake?” I asked.   “Maybe” Amelia said.   Amelia turned around. I smiled. I kissed Amelia’s forehead. Amelia smiled.   “I love you” I said.   “Love you too” Amelia said.   I rubbed Amelia’s stomach. Amelia smiled.   “You’re going to be a good father” Amelia said.   “Well you’re going to be a good mother” I said.   Amelia smiled.   “What is it?” I asked.   “I just don’t want our child to go through what I went through when I was young” Amelia said.   “Amelia it’s not your fault if it happens” I said.   “I’ll feel like it is though” Amelia said.   I sat up. I faced Amelia.    “Sit in my lap” I said. Amelia moved and sat in my lap. I put my arms around her.
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