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33. Chapter 27- I'm Pregnant


Chapter 27- I'm Pregnant 8 weeks past. I felt sick. I knew I was going to make it to the bathroom. I grabbed the bin. I threw up. I then felt someone rubbing my back.    “You alright love?” Harry asked.   I nodded. I threw up again. Its weird vampires never get sick. Not like this anyway. I finally stopped. Harry kissed the back off my head. I placed my hand on my stomach. I tired standing. But I fell on my knees. Harry rushed over to my side and kneeled to my level.   “Amelia” Harry said.   “I’m fine” I chocked out as I felt the pain again. “Oww” I said.   “Amelia you’re not alright” Harry said.   I looked at Harry.   “You look really sick, I mean worse than you have ever been” Harry said.   Elena ran in.   “Amelia are you alright?” Elena asked.   “No” I said.   “What is it?” Elena asked.   “There’s pain in my stomach” I said.   Elena and Harry helped me onto the bed.    “Thank you” I said.   Harry got into bed and snuggled into my back.   “Look I’ll call a vampire doctor in” Elena said.   I nodded. Elena walked out.    “Do you want me to get you some blood?” Harry asked.   “Not yet” I said.   “Okay” Harry said.   Elena walked back in.   “The doctor will be here soon” Elena said.   Harry and I nodded. Elena walked out. 5 minutes past the doorbell rang. Elena opened it.   “She’s in her room” Elena said.   The doctor and Elena walked up. They got into my room. I smiled.   “Can I stay with you?” Harry asked.   “Sure” I said.    Harry sat up. Elena closed the door as she walked out.   “Now Amelia open your mouth” The doctor said.   I opened my mouth. He looked. He then checked my eyes and ears.    “When was your last period?” The doctor asked.   I was shocked. I just got them when I got them.   “I don’t know a while ago” I said.   “Amelia I think I know what’s wrong” The doctor said. He took a deep breath and continued. “You’re pregnant” The doctor said.   “What?” I said.   The doctor nodded. Harry was smiling. The doctor told us everything. I am 8 weeks pregnant. The doctor got up and left. Harry hugged me. I smiled. He pulled back.   “Were going to be parents” Harry said.   I smiled. He placed his hand onto my stomach.    “Little family member” I said.   Harry chuckled. Harry pecked my lips. He lent down and kissed my stomach. At that moment everyone walked in. I smiled.   “AMELIA’S PREGNANT!” Lucy yelled.   I laughed. Everyone ran up to us and hugged us.    “Were going to be one big family” Louis said.   Harry chuckled. Everyone stopped hugging us. I smiled.   “We’ll leave you two alone” Steven said.   Everyone walked out.    “Get some rest and I’ll get you some blood” Harry said.   I nodded. Harry kissed my forehead. He picked up the bin and walked out of my room. I laid down. I closed my eyes. I heard someone place something onto a table. I then felt someone kiss my cheek. I felt someone get into the bed and put their arms around me.   “Harry” I whispered.   “Yeah it’s me” Harry said.   I turned around. Harry smiled. He placed his hand on my stomach. I smiled.    “You alright?” Harry asked.   I nodded. Harry smiled.   “I love you” Harry said.   “Love you too” I said.   Harry pecked my lips.   “Do you want the sex to be a surprise?” I asked.   “Yeah” Harry said.   “Okay” I said.   “Do you?” Harry asked.   “Yeah” I said.   Harry smiled.   “You better take the blood” Harry said.   I sat up. I grabbed the glass of the side, I drank the blood. Harry smiled. I placed the glass on the side. Harry smiled. Steven and Elena walked in.   “Amelia we’ve got to start protecting you more now” Elena said.   I nodded.   “Everyone will take turns for looking after you” Steven said.   “Okay” I said.   Harry smiled. Harry rubbed my stomach. I smiled. Steven and Elena put their hand on my stomach. I smiled.   “You’re going to be good parents” Steven said.   “Thanks” Harry and I said.   They moved their hands and walked out.   “Are we going to tell our parents?” I asked.   “Yeah, but maybe in a month or 2” Harry said.   “Okay” I said.   “Is there anything different from normal pregnancy to vampire pregnancy?” Harry asked.   “I think so, I’m not sure” I said.
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