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32. Chapter 26- Killing Britney


Chapter 26- Killing Britney Britney charged at me. I grabbed her arm. I flipped her and sat on Britney.   "Your tough" Britney said.   Britney switched.   "I'm tougher" Britney said.   Steven handed me a stake.   "I'm sorry" I said.   I stabbed Britney. Britney screamed.   "I'm so sorry" I said.   Before Britney died. She grabbed my wrist and bit into it. I screamed. I pulled my wrist away. Britney vanished. I shook my wrist and stood up.   "Are you alright?" Harry asked.   I nodded.   "It's not like I haven't been bitten before" I said.   Elena looked at me.   "I got bitten by Paula a year ago" I said.   Elena nodded. Harry and I walked off to my room. I closed the door as we both walked in. Harry and I sat on the bed. The bite mark healed. Harry smiled. He leaned in and crashed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Harry pushed me onto the bed again. Harry got on top of me. I smiled. I felt Harry smile. I giggled as I ran my fingers through his hair. Harry rolled over. I smiled. Harry started to play with my hair. Harry smiled. I smiled as I accepted Harry's tongue.Harry pushed me down at the end of the bed. I smiled. Harry was still kissing me. He smiled. We eventually pulled back. Harry got off me and laid next to me. I smiled. We were talking.    "Harry would you ever support me if I became pregnant?" I asked.    "Yes of course why?" Harry said.    "Just asking" I said.    "Why?" Harry asked.    "Just in case I ever fall pregnant" I said.    "Amelia I will always be here for you" Harry said.    I nodded. Harry looked at me.    "You know I will never turn my back on you" Harry said.    "I know, I just wanted to check" I said.    Harry pecked my lips. I smiled. It became late. Harry and I fell asleep in the sheets. We could hear everyone talking. Louis told them what happened. They seemed to be happy with it. I felt Harry pull me closer towards him. I smiled.  
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