vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


31. Chapter 25- Britney's a vampire


Chapter 25- Britney's a vampire Louis walked in. He closed his eyes.   "Geez guys you could have told us you would be making love" Louis said.   "You could have knocked" Harry said.   At least we were in the sheets.   "Tell anyone and you are dead" I said.   "I won't" Louis said.   Louis still had his eyes closed. He went to walk out when he banged into the wall. Harry and I lost it laughing. Louis finally made his way out shutting the door. Harry and I calmed down. Harry moved my hair out of my face. I smiled. We both stood up and got changed. We made our way down stairs. Our bite marks vanished. In case you forgot vampires heal faster than humans. Louis looked at us and turned away. Harry shook his head. I walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed some blood out. I placed the blood in a glass on the side. I drank the blood. I almost finished it. Until Harry stole it and finished it. I laughed. Harry smiled and placed the glass into the sink. I smiled. Harry put his hands around my waist. I smiled.   "I love you" Harry said.   "Love you too" I said.   Harry kissed my neck. I smiled. Harry and I made our way into the lounge. Elena and Steven came down stairs. I'm glad he's happy again. Harry and I sat on the couch. I turned the TV on. Harry stole the remote.   "Give it" I said.   "Try and get it then" Harry said.   I raised an eyebrow.   "Is that a challenge?" I asked.   "Yes" Harry said.   I smiled. I tried grabbing the remote from Harry. Harry smiled. I finally got the remote. Harry crashed his lips onto mine. I smiled.    "Guys stop" April said. Harry started to tickle me. He stopped kissing me.    "Stop" I said.    "No" Harry said.    Harry and I fell off the couch. He kept tickling me.    "Harry" I said.    Harry smiled. He moved the hair from my face while tickling me. The doorbell rang. Elena walked up to the door and opened it.    "Hello" Britney said.    Britney barged in.    "Britney leave" Elena said.   "Harry stop" I laughed.    Harry kept smiling. He finally stopped.    "Thank you" I said.    We looked up and saw Britney.    "Britney" I said.    Harry and I stood up. I saw two fang marks on Britney's neck.   "Richard" I said.   "What?" Harry asked.   "She got bitten by Richard" I said.   Britney's vampire teeth showed.   "It feels so good to be a vampire" Britney said.   I looked at her.   "Richard told me all about you guys being vampires, why are you never happy?" Britney said.   "Listen to me sometimes being a vampire sucks, I mean it, you lose the people who are important to you" I said.
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