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30. Chapter 24- Making Love


Chapter 24- Making Love A year Past. Harry and I have grown stronger as a couple. My stab wounds have healed. Thank god. Luna and Louis started going out 2 months ago. Lucy and Niall started dating 4 weeks ago. Zayn is dating Brooke. Elena and Steven have been going out for 4 months. He's moved in and lives in Elena's room. April is going out with Jacob. Liam is going out with a girl named Danielle. She's human. Harry has moved in with me. We arranged my bedroom around.    This is the bedroom: pink,white,and black king size bed       It's pretty cool. I started waking up. Harry was already awake. He smiled.    "Morning" Harry said.    "Morning" I said.    Harry pecked my lips. I smiled. Elena is still looking after us. Mum and Dad know Harry and I are going out. We told them 3 months ago and they are proud of us. So are Harry's parents. I giggled a little as Harry tickled my stomach. Harry smiled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I smirked. Harry sat on me. I put my arms around him. Harry moved from my lips and kissed my neck. I smiled.    "Don't bite" I said.    "I won't" Harry said.    I giggled. Harry moved back up to my lips. I smiled.     "I love you so much" Harry said.    "Love you too" I said.    Harry pulled away. I smiled. Harry played with my hair as he sat on me. I laughed.    "You are so pretty" Harry said.    I smiled.    "Your handsome" I giggled.    "I know" Harry said.    I sat up. I pushed Harry down. Harry smiled. I climbed on top of him. I pressed my lips onto his. Harry smiled. He lifted up my PJ top and chucked it. I smiled. Harry pushed me down. He smiled. Harry kissed from my neck down he stopped to where my bra started. I smiled. I saw a smile creep onto Harry's face. He licked from the bottle of my neck to the start. I smiled.    "Go on Harry" I whispered.    Harry smiled. His fangs appeared.  He placed his fangs gently into my neck. I smiled. I could feel Harry drinking my blood. He pulled back and smiled. Harry slowly licked the blood off from the mark. I giggled and smiled. I pushed Harry down. I pressed my lips onto his.    "Go on bite" Harry whispered.    I moved down. My fangs appeared. I placed my fangs gently into Harry's neck. Harry smiled and rubbed my back. I drank some of his blood. I pulled away. Harry smiled. He licked the blood from my mouth. I licked the blood from the fang mark away.    "You know what this means now" Harry said.    "Yes" I said.    Harry pushed me and laid on top of me. I smiled.    "Close the door" I whispered.    Harry stood up. He walked up to the door and closed it. I smiled. Harry walked back up to the bed. He got there and laid on top of me. I smiled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. He got passionate. Harry and I sat up. Harry unclipped my bra. I smiled. I took Harry's pants off. Harry smiled. Harry kissed my neck. I giggled. Harry slowly pushed my down onto the pillow. He then dragged the blankets over us. My fingernails pushed Harry's boxers down. Harry smiled. Harry pulled my knickers down. We had a long time of making love.  After we finished making love. Harry and I were catching our breaths.    "You okay?" Harry asked.    "Never better" I said.    Harry chuckled. He pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Harry pulled back. I giggled.
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