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29. Chapter 23- Old Photos


Chapter 23- Old Photos   “You’re lucky Adam” Harry snapped.   Mary’s family walked off. Adam had blood coming from his mouth. All of us made our way home. When we got there. I made my way up to my room. I laid down on the bed. I placed my hand on my stomach. I saw a picture of Mary holding me when I was just born. I smiled. I sat up. I grabbed a photo album out looked at the pictures. Harry walked in. He leaned on the door frame.   “What?” I asked.   “I wanted to see if you’re alright” Harry said.   I looked up. Harry walked up to me. He sat behind me and put his arms around my waist. I smiled. Harry put his chin on my shoulder.   “Looking at photos?” Harry asked.   “Yeah” I said.   He started looking with me. I smiled. Harry pointed at a picture.   “When was that?” Harry asked.   “My 5th birthday” I said.   “Aww you’re so cute” Harry said.   I laughed. I covered a picture.    “Show me” Harry said.   I shook my head. Harry moved my hand. He saw the picture. I was wearing my mum’s wedding dress.   “That’s cute” Harry said.   I smiled.   “That was a good time before Richard came” I said.   “What did he do?” Harry asked.   “Killed my best friend” I said.   “I’m sorry” Harry said.   I smiled.   “Then I met you guys” I said.   Harry smiled.   “Yeah and we became friends instantly” Harry said. I put the album away. It became late and we fell asleep. 
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