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28. Chapter 22- Mary's Funeral


Chapter 22- Mary's Funeral   “Here you go” the doctor said.   Amelia grabbed and pen and signed the piece of paper. After she handed it to the doctor. I helped Amelia up.    “Thanks” Amelia said.   I smiled. Louis grabbed my bag and Amelia’s bag. I picked Amelia up bridal style.   “I can walk” Amelia said.   I didn’t say anything. I just carried her out. Amelia laughed.   “When are we having Mary’s funeral?” Amelia asked.   “Tomorrow” I said.   Amelia nodded. We got out to the car.   “Look I’ll take you two home, the rest can go with Louis and Liam” Elena said.   We nodded. I helped Amelia into the back seat. I got in with her. Steven and Elena got in the front. Elena drove off followed by Louis and Liam.        Amelia’s P.O.V   It was quiet on the way back. I still hadn’t gotten over. I lost my best friend again. Elena pulled up at the drive way. Harry helped me out. I smiled. He picked me up bridal style again. I chuckled. Elena opened the front door. Harry carried me all the way to my room. Harry placed me slowly onto the bed. I smiled.   “Thank you” I said.   “No problem babe” Harry said.   I smiled. Harry sat next to me.    “I’m glad you’re okay” Harry said.   “I’m not though” I said.   Harry looked at me.   “Mary” Harry said.   I nodded. Harry hugged me.   “I’m really sorry” Harry said.   I smiled. Harry pulled back and crashed his lips onto mine. Harry smiled. I smiled. Harry was sliding his hand up my leg. Harry stopped at my waist. I smiled. Harry ran over the stab. I winced. Harry pulled back.   “Sorry” Harry said.   “It’s alright you didn’t mean to” I said.   “Can I see?” Harry asked.   I pulled up my top. (Not all the way just to the stab wounds). Harry saw the two wounds.   “Ouch” Harry said.   I pulled my top down again. Harry smiled.   “Hey Amelia” Harry said.   “Yeah” I said.   “Could I like stay in your room with you?” Harry asked rubbing circles on my neck.   “If you want to” I said.   “Cool” Harry said.   “When?” I asked.   “In a couple of days” Harry said.   I smiled. Harry pecked my lips. Steven walked in.   “You alright?” Steven asked.   “Yeah” I said.   Steven walked out. It became late. Everyone fell asleep. The next day. I woke up. Harry was still asleep.    “Harry” I said.   “What?” Harry moaned.   “We’ve got the funeral today” I said.   Harry sat up. I smiled. We both stood up. Harry walked into his room to get changed. I closed my bedroom door. I got changed. I walked out. Harry held my hand. I smiled. We left the house. We walked to the graveyard. Everyone was there. My parents were there again. Harry put his arms around my waist. I smiled. The funeral started. The vampire priest was talking. I took a deep breath. I couldn’t talk this time.    “It’s alright” Harry whispered.   I nodded. Everyone talked but me. I should have saved her. Harry walked back up to me. He hugged me.   “I should have saved her” I whispered.   “Amelia I should have” Harry whispered.   I placed my head in his chest. Harry rubbed my back. Harry kissed the top of my head. I smiled. I turned around. Jacob, Steven, Marcus and Peter placed Mary’s coffin into the ground. They buried her with the dirt. After that we all placed a rose of the coffin. Harry and I put ours down at the same time.   “I’m sorry” I said.   Harry and I stood up. We walked back to the others. The funeral finished. We told Mary’s family that we are sorry. Her cousin was mad at me.    “This is all your fault Amelia” Adam said.   Harry got mad.   “No it’s not” Harry said.   “She protected you, you didn’t do the same to her” Adam said.   “I could have if I wasn’t stabbed” I snapped.   “What?” Adam said.   I turned away and walked off.   “Amelia” Harry said.       Harry’s P.O.V   I glared at Adam.   “Thanks” I snapped.   I walked off. I went to find Amelia.    “Amelia” I yelled.   I found Amelia punching a tree.    “Amelia” I said.   I ran up to her.    “Stop” I said.   “No” Amelia said.   I stopped Amelia. I hugged her. She cried I my chest.   “Shh…” I said.   I rubbed Amelia’s back.   “Stop hurting yourself” I said.   Adam and the others ran up to us.   “Amelia I’m sorry” Adam said.   I glared at Adam.   “What?” Adam said.   “Leave” I said.   “Look I’m just upset” Adam said.   “And you think Amelia isn’t, Amelia’s heart is shattered” I snapped.   Luna saw blood on the tree.   “Did Amelia do that?” Luna asked.   I nodded. Luna punched Adam.   “That’s for making Amelia depressed” Luna said.   Adam got mad. Amelia pulled back from me. She pushed Adam away. Adam’s fangs showed.   “Back off” Amelia said.       Amelia’s P.O.V   I was pissed off at Adam. He was angry at me. His fangs were still showing. He tried to kill my best friend. You would protect them. I went to punch Harry pulled me away. Adam smiled. He went after Luna again until Aaron pulled him back.   “Son of a bitch” I snapped.   “Amelia calm down” Harry said.   “No” I said.    I tried getting out of the grip.    “Let me go” I said.   “No” Harry said.   Adam broke free from Aarons grip. Adam kicked me. I screamed. I fell to the ground. Harry fell with me. Lucy punched Adam.   “You know not to kick the princess” Lucy snapped.   Lucy kicked Adam.   “Amelia you alright?” Harry asked.   “Yeah” I said.   Harry helped me up.    “Let me see” Harry said.   I shook my head. Harry sighed and lifted my top up.   “Is that was Alex did?” Luna asked.   I nodded. Harry touched it. I winced.   “Sorry” Harry said.   Harry put my top down again.    “When we get home you are resting” Harry said. I nodded. 
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