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27. Chapter 21- Alex stabbed me


Chapter 21- Alex stabbed me   Alex stood up. I heard him walking up towards Harry. I turned. I quickly stood up and protected Harry. Alex stabbed me. I screamed. Alex smiled.   “Do you feel it Amelia the pain shooting through your body” Alex said.   I gasped as Alex pushed the knife a little further in. Harry turned. The others were shocked but they were all around Mary. Elena, Louis Zayn and Steven came down. Alex pushed me closer towards him. He removed it. Alex smiled and stabbed me again. I screamed.   “Let’s hear your last scream” Alex said.   Alex pulled the knife out. I screamed. I stumbled back and started to fall. Harry caught me.   “Amelia” Harry said   I smiled.   “I never thought this would be nice” I said.   Harry’s tear fell on my cheek. I screamed. Luna punched Alex out.   “Amelia I can’t lose you” Harry said.   “You’re not” I screamed.   “I love you” Harry said.   “I. Love.You. Too” I chocked out.   I closed my eyes.       Harry’s P.O.V   Amelia’s eyes closed. Her hand fell to her side.   “Amelia” I cried.   Steven ran up.   “I’m sorry” Steven said.   Louis ran up and hugged me. Students and teachers ran out.   “She’s faking it” Britney said.   We all looked at Britney. The teacher backed everyone away. I kissed Amelia’s forehead.   “I promised her parents I would protect her” I said.   “You did and she protected you” Lucy said.   I saw Amelia opening her eyes. I smiled.   “Amelia” I said.   Amelia opened her eyes fully. She screamed.   “Niall call for an ambulance now, Steven take Mary back to our place we’ll have the funeral tomorrow” I snapped.   “Told you she was faking it” Britney said.   “Shut up” April snapped.   Alex started to wake up. Louis ran up to him and tied his hands up. Louis then kicked the knife away. Louis flipped Alex onto his back.   “You’re lucky Amelia isn’t dead” Louis snapped.   “She should be” Alex said.   Louis kicked Alex.   “Louis calm down” Elena said.   “Look what Andy did to Mary, Alex almost did the same to Amelia” Louis snapped.   Steven carried Mary into his car. He placed her in and drove off. We saw the ambulance pull up. Two people stepped out and ran towards Amelia and I.   “What happened?” one of the paramedics asked.   “The guy tied up stabbed Amelia” I said.   Louis picked the knife up with some leaves. Police came down. Louis handed the knife to them. The police arrested Alex. Luna walked up.   “Rot in jail you bastard” Luna spat.   The paramedics placed Amelia onto a stretcher.   “Who’s family?” The doctor asked.   “I’m her boyfriend” I said.   “Alright come with us” the doctor said.   I grabbed mine and Amelia’s bag.   “Alright guys you may go to the hospital, but come home afterwards” Elena said.   Everyone nodded. I got into the ambulance with the paramedics and Amelia. One of the shut the door. They drove off. I looked at Amelia. I held her hand. She smiled. Amelia screamed.   “Shh…” I said.   Amelia looked at me. A tear streamed down my face.   “Hey don’t cry” Amelia whispered.   “I can’t help it” I said.   Amelia screamed again.   “We have to find out what he stabbed you with” the paramedic asked.   Amelia and I nodded. Amelia closed her eyes.   “You are not dying on me” I whispered.   The paramedic looked at me.   “I need her name, age and what she does” The paramedic said.   “Her names Amelia Heart, she’s 18 years old and she goes to school” I said.   The paramedic nodded.    “What’s your name?” the paramedic asked.   “Harry” I said.   The paramedic nodded. They got to the hospital. We all stepped out. Amelia’s eyes were still closed. We all ran in. More doctor came up.   “She’s 18, her names Amelia Heart, status she was at school and got stabbed twice” the doctor said.   They got to some doors. I stopped running. I walked to some seats and sat down. Elena, Steven, Lucy, Luna, April, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn ran in. They saw me. I stood up. They hugged me.   “I’m sorry” Louis said.   I nodded.   “Thank you” I said.   We pulled back. The doctor walked out.   “I’m looking for Harry” The doctor said.   “Yeah” I said.   “She’s going to be fine, the stab wasn’t serious, but she needs rest for a month, no school, someone will need to look after her” The doctor said.   I nodded. I’m so glad she’s going to be fine.    “Is she awake?” I asked.   The doctor nodded.   “You all can see her” The doctor said.   “Thank you” Elena said.   We all walked in. The doctor showed us her room. We walked into Amelia’s room. I walked up to her.   “Harry” Amelia said.   I smiled. I kissed Amelia’s forehead.   “Sorry I scared you” Amelia whispered.   “You didn’t, I was more upset than scared” I said.   “Are you feeling better?” Amelia asked.   I nodded. Amelia smiled.   “What?” Louis asked.   “Never mind” I said.   Everyone hugged me.   “When you get home take some blood” Elena whispered.   Amelia nodded.    “Hang on” I said. I went through Amelia’s bag. I grabbed her bottle out. Amelia smiled. I handed the bottle to Amelia. Amelia grabbed it. She started to drink the blood. We all smiled. She finished. I grabbed the bottle and placed it back into her back. The doctor walked in with a sign out sheet. 
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