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26. Chapter 20- Mary's death


Chapter 20- Mary's death   Harry pulled away. He got off me. I sat up. Harry smiled. We were talking. It became late. Harry and I fell asleep in my room. He had his arms around me. The next day. I woke up. Harry was out of bed. I looked at the time 8am. Shit. I quickly got up and dressed for school. I brushed my hair. After I finished brushing my hair. I grabbed my school bag and ran down stairs. Everyone was waiting for me.   “Sorry” I said.   Everyone smiled. I packed my school bag.   “See you Elena” Mary said.   “Bye” Elena said.   We all ran off to the car. Harry stopped.   “Harry what is it?” I asked.   Harry looked at me. I could tell from his eyes he had a vision. I grabbed his hand and helped him into the car. Harry’s always weak after these. Mary started the car and drove off. I was really concerned about Harry. He hasn’t had visions for a while. Mary got to our school. We all stepped out. I helped Harry out.   “Harry you alright?” Mary asked.   Harry nodded. Mary started the car and drove off.   “You guys go ahead, we will catch up” I said.   They nodded and walked off.   “Harry what did you see?” I asked.   “I saw Mary getting killed” Harry said weakly.   “By who?” I asked.   “I didn’t see his face” Harry said.   Harry and I walked somewhere so no one could see or find us. I bit into my wrist.   “Take some” I said.   Harry nodded. His fangs appeared. Harry bit into my wrist. I smiled. Harry pulled back. He whipped the blood from his mouth. I smiled. I kissed Harry’s check.   “One last question, when is it going to happen?” I asked.   “In the school parking lot, don’t know when though” Harry said.   Harry fell to his knees. I fell with him. He’s only this weak if he’s had more than one in one hit.   “Harry look at me” I said.   Harry looked at me.    “How many have you had?” I asked.   “A lot” Harry said.   “Let me guess all in one hit” I said.   Harry nodded. I handed him my wrist again.   “Take some more” I said.   “No I’ll kill you” Harry said.   “Take some” I said.   Harry sighed. His fans appeared, Harry placed them into my wrist. I smiled. I started to feel dizzy. Harry pulled back. I closed my eyes and fell into his chest.       Harry’s P.O.V   I laid Amelia down. I whipped the blood from my mouth. I looked at Amelia. I moved her hair out of her face. I got a bottle from Amelia’s bag. I opened the  lid and placed the bottle in Amelia’s mouth. I knew she wasn’t dead. She just needed blood. I saw Amelia drinking. I smiled. I moved the bottle away. Amelia started to open her eyes. I sat her up. I placed the bottle back into her bag. I kissed Amelia’s cheek.       Amelia’s P.O.V   Vampire hunters showed up. Harry and I stood up. We grabbed our bags.   “Maybe it’s now” Harry said.   All of a sudden Mary came down. She parked the car and ran out. She started to fight Andy and Sophie. Alex grabbed me. I screamed. Alex covered my mouth.   “Amelia” Harry said.   He pulled out a knife and placed it against my throat.   “One move and she’s dead” Alex said.   Mary was fighting Andy and Sophie. Alex moved his hand. I smiled at Harry. Harry smiled. I stepped on Alex’s toe with my heel. I bit his wrist (I didn’t use my vampire teeth). Just a normal bite from a teenager. Alex dropped the knife. Harry smiled. I flipped Alex. Alex landed on his back. I ran to Harry. I saw Andy stab Mary.   “Mary” I yelled.   “Oh no” Harry said.   Harry and I ran up to Mary. We got to her. Harry and I sat on our knees. Mary looked at us.   “I can’t lose you too” I cried.   “Amelia I never thought I’d see this day where you’d cry for me” Mary chocked out.   Mary screamed. Liam, Niall, Luna, Lucy and April ran down. They saw Mary. Niall called Elena. Mary lifted her hand and whipped my tears off.   “You guys did well” Mary screamed.   I looked at Mary.   “Amelia I” Mary only said until she stopped breathing.   I cried. Harry hugged me. “Shh…” Harry said. 
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