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the is not my story


6. Chapter 2- Harry's my guardian


Chapter 2- Harry's my guardian   “Now it smells like you” Harry said.   I hit Harry. We walked into the gym. Everyone else walked in with their PE clothes. The teacher came. We all placed our bags against the wall.   “Alright class today we are playing basketball” The teacher said.   “Will you be alright?” Niall asked.   I nodded.    “Alright guys teams of 10” The teacher said.   We all went together. 3 others joined us.   “Alright pick your leader” The teacher said.   “Amelia” Everyone said in my group.   “Alright” I said.   The teacher blew a whistle. We grabbed ribbon. Our team was blue the other team was red. I laughed because Harry is known as blue team and Louis in known as red team. The teacher blew the whistle again. He gave me the ball. We talked about what we were going to do. Everyone understood. The teacher blew the whistle again.  We started playing. I threw the ball and it got into the basket.    “Wow” The teacher said.   I smiled. We got 3 points. The teacher gave the ball to the other team. Britney started. Harry stole the ball. He threw it and scored 3 more points.   “Yeah buddy” Harry yelled.   The other team got the ball. They started playing again. Lucy grabbed the ball and shot it. She got it into the hoop. 3 more points.   “Yeah” Lucy said.   “You guys are really good” The teacher said.   We smiled. The other team got the ball again. We smiled. Taylor grabbed the ball. She started to run. Luna grabbed the ball. She throws it and got the hop. Luna cheered. 3 more points. 12-0. The other team was getting annoyed.   “Why are you so good?” Britney asked.   “Just because” Liam said.   The lesson was almost over. The other team got the ball. Britney grabbed the ball. She started to bounce the ball. Niall smiled. He grabbed it and threw it. He got it into the hoop. Niall cheered. He lifted up his top and ran around. We cheered. 15-0. Niall stopped. The bell rang for lunch. We grabbed our bags and walked into the bathrooms and got changed. We all sprayed and walked out.   “Home” Niall said.   “Yeah” I laughed.   “I can eat lots” Niall yelled.   I laughed. We walked to the front and saw Stacey waiting for us. We all got into the van. Stacey drove off. After a while. Stacey pulled up at our drive way. She turned the car off. We all stepped out. Stacey locked the car. We walked in. I saw mum and dad. They ran up and hugged me.   “Are you alright?” Mum asked.   “Yes” I said.   Mary called us and told us what happened. We were done here in a flash.   “I’m fine” I said.   “Who shot you?” Dad asked.   “Hunters” I said.   I placed my school bag on the floor.    “What about the fallen?” Mum asked.   “Two where there today” I said.   “Alright” Dad said.   They kissed my cheek and left. I smiled.    “See you” I said.   “Bye” Mum and dad said.   I waved as they ran off. I closed the door.    “Can we see the wound?” Louis asked.   I shook my head.   “Why?” Louis pounted.   “Because” I said.   I picked up my bag and walked up to my room. I placed it down. Stacey walked in.    “Yeah” I said.   “Training” Stacey said.   “Be there in 2 minutes” I said.   Stacey nodded. She walked out. I smiled. I walked out of my room. I got into the lounge. Everyone was waiting for me.    “Come on” Stacey said.   We walked out the back. We had this large shed where we can train. We walked in. Harry and I teamed up. We started to practice. I smiled. Harry smiled. Harry tried hitting me. I moved.    “Stop” I said.   Everyone stopped.   “What?” “Shh…” I cut off Louis.   I heard someone talking.   “Can you hear that?” I whispered.   “Yes” Everyone whispered back.   I held my ear on the door. I heard Stacey and my mum talking.   “We have to protect her” Stacey said.   “Yeah” Mum said.   “How?” Stacey asked.   “Who saved her today?” Mum asked.   “Harry” Stacey said.   “Then it should be up to Harry to protect her” Mum said.   “Alright, I’ll tell them after training” Stacey said.   “No need, Amelia” Mum said.   I moved away. I walked out.   “Yes” I said.   “Why where you spying?” Mum asked.   “I wasn’t trying to” I said. (Lying of course).   “Well get Harry out here, since you know what’s going on” Mum said.   “Harry” I yelled.   Harry walked out.   “Yes” Harry asked as he got behind me.   “I have a job for you” Mum said.   “I’m listening” Harry said.   “You are Amelia’s guardian, you do not let any of the fallen or hunters touch her” Mum said.   “Got it” Harry said.   Mum looked at me.   “Amelia next time don’t spy” Mum laughed.   I smiled.   “Harry you will always look after Amelia no matter what” Mum said.   “Yes my lady” Harry said bowing.    Mum smiled.   “Alright, I’m off” Mum said.   We nodded. Mum ran off. Harry smiled at me. We walked back into the shed.    “What did you talk about?” Luna asked.   “Nothing” Harry and I said.   We went back to training. Harry kept smiling at me. I swopped down and knocked Harry down.    “Never let your guard down” I said.   Harry chuckled. I grabbed his hand. Harry pulled me onto him. He got on top of me.   “Never let your enemies full you” Harry said.   I smiled. I switched. I was on top of him.   “Yeah if I was a hunter, I could either stab you or shot your right now” I said.   “Do it” Harry said.   I hit Harry. Harry smiled. I leant towards Harry’s ear.   “You know I can never kill you” I said.   Harry smiled. Harry switched again. I smiled. I saw Harry’s teeth.    “I’m scared” I said.   “I can bite you if I wanted to” Harry said.   “Do it then” I said.   “No you’re too pretty for that” Harry said.   I laughed.    “Alright off” I said. Harry got off me. He held his hand out. I took it. Harry helped me up. I smiled. 
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