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25. Chapter 19- Meeting Brooke and Cassie


Chapter 19- Meeting Brooke and Cassie   We walked into the dining room. We all sat down. Cassie and Brooke where staying for lunch.        Amelia’s P.O.V   We all started eating. We also started talking to Cassie, Brooke and Elena to get to know them better. They were really nice.    “So Amelia what’s it like being a princess?” Cassie asked.   “Hard” I said.   “Why?” Cassie asked.   “Because it just is, I mean now its fine but once I put the grown and dress on, I’m a different person” I said.   “You okay?” Harry asked.   I nodded.   “What is it?” Harry whispered.   “Thinking of Stacey” I whispered.   We all finished lunch. I got up and walked off.        Harry’s P.O.V   Amelia got up and left.   “Amelia” Elena said.   “Leave her” I said.   Mary sighed.   “She misses her” Mary said.   “Who?” Cassie asked.   “Her best friend” I said.   “What happened if I may ask?” Cassie said.   “She got killed by Andy” I said.   I stood up. I went looking for Amelia. I got to her room and saw Amelia crying. I sighed. I walked up to her. I sat on the bed.   “Amelia” I said.   Amelia faced me. I pulled her into my chest. Amelia put her arms around me. I rubbed her back.   “I’m here for you” I said.   Amelia smiled. She pulled away. I whipped her tears off.   “I know you miss her” I said.   I looked Amelia in the eyes.   “It wasn’t your fault” I said.   Amelia smiled. She pecked my lips. I smiled. I crashed my lips onto hers pushing Amelia onto the bed. Amelia giggled.   “You brighten up my day” Amelia smiled.   I chuckled. I felt Amelia smile as she accepted my tongue. I smiled. Elena walked in.   “Sorry guys” Elena said.   I pulled back. I got off Amelia.   “It’s cool” Amelia said.   “Sorry should have knocked” Elena said.   “What’s up?” Amelia asked.   “We wanted to know if your alright, you looked upset before” Elena said.   “Just miss Stacey” Amelia said.   “if you ever need to talk I’m here” Elena said.   Amelia nodded. Brooke and Cassie walked in.   “We are going it was nice meeting you all” Brooke and Cassie said.   “You too” I said.   Elena hugged them. The three walked off.       Amelia’s P.O.V   Elena, Brooke and Cassie walked out.   “Now where were we” Harry said.   I chuckled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine again. I rolled onto him. Harry smiled. Harry started to play with my hair. I smiled.    “Your hair is so beautiful” Harry said.   “Yours is curly” I laughed. Harry pushed me down at the end of the bed. I smiled. He got on top of me. Harry smiled. Harry placed his hand on my cheek. I smiled. 
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