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24. Chapter 18- Elena is our new helper... Cool


Chapter 18- Elena is our new helper... Cool   The next day I woke up. Harry was asleep next to me. I smiled. I closed my eyes again. I felt Harry’s grip tighten around my waist. I smiled. Harry kissed my shoulder. I turned around. Harry smiled.    “Hello” Harry said.   “Hey” I said.   Harry crashed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Louis walked in.   “Alright guys, Mary wants us down stairs” Louis said.   Harry and I broke apart. We got up and walked down stairs. We got into the lounge.   “Feeling better” Mary asked.   I nodded. Mary hugged me. I smiled. She pulled back.   “She’ll be here soon” Mary said.   We nodded. Harry put his hands around my waist. I smiled. Harry kissed the top of my head. The doorbell rang. Mary answered it.   “Come on in” Mary said.   Elena walked in. Mary shut the door.   “Hello” Elena said.   “Hi again” I said.   Elena smiled.   “I’m looking after you guys now” Elena said.   “Do you have any rules?” Louis asked.   “Only to keep clean” Elena said.   Louis cheered. I laughed. Mary showed Elena around.   “I’m going to get changed” I said.   Harry moved his hands. I walked up to my room. I closed my bedroom door and got changed. I brushed my hair. I walked out of my room. I got into the lounge. I sat on the couch. Harry sat next to me. I smiled. I rested my head on Harry. Harry smiled. Elena and Mary walked up.   “Amelia are you alright?” Mary asked.   I nodded. Mary walked up to the fridge and put some blood in a glass for me. She walked up to me and handed me the glass. I shook my head.   “What is it?” Mary asked kneeling down.   “Not hungry” I said.   Mary looked at Harry.    “Take Amelia to her room” Mary said.   Harry picked me up and carried me to my room. He placed me onto the bed. Harry stayed with me. I laid against his chest. I fell asleep.       Harry’s P.O.V   Amelia fell asleep in my chest. I smiled. I put my arms around her. Mary walked up. She placed the glass of the table.   “Thank you” I mouthed.   Mary smiled and walked out. I looked at Amelia. I kissed her cheek. Tears streamed down her face.   “Amelia” I said.   Amelia opened her eyes.   “What’s wrong?” I asked.   “I don’t want to lose you” Amelia said.   “You won’t” I said.   I whipped the tears off. She smiled.    “Are you hungry?” I asked.   Amelia nodded. I grabbed the glass and handed it to her. Amelia drank the blood. I smiled. She finished. I moved the glass back onto the table.   “Thank you” Amelia said.   “No problem” I said.   I kissed Amelia’s cheek. Elena walked up. She knocked on my door.   “Yeah” Amelia said.   Elena walked in.   “I wanted to see how you were doing” Elena said.   “I’m fine” Amelia said.   Amelia turned and faced Elena. Elena smiled.   “That’s good to hear” Elena said.   Amelia smiled.   “I’m just coming to tell you dinner is ready” Elena said.   Amelia and I nodded.   “Thank you” I said.   Elena smiled and walked out. Amelia and I sat up. I grabbed her hand. I helped her up. We both walked down the stairs. Two people were over. Elena smiled.   “Amelia and Harry these are my friends Brooke and Cassie” Elena said.   “Princess Amelia” Brooke said as she curtsied.   “Please just call me Amelia” Amelia said.   I smiled. I kissed Amelia’s cheek.  “Come on guys” Elena said. 
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