vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


22. Chapter 17- Killing Paula


Chapter 17- Killing Paula   Harry’s P.O.V   Steven and I were finding Paula. We ran to his house. He ran in. I followed. He grabbed some stakes. We ran out. We saw Paula smiling at us. I was mad.   “Her blood is still going through me” Paula said.   My vampire teeth showed.    “Look at that Harry is mad” Paula said.   “I am so going to kill you for what you did to Amelia” I snapped.   Paula ran up to me. We started fighting. I kicked Paula. I didn’t care if I hurt her. She already hurt me and the girl I love. Paula knocked me down.    “I enjoyed hearing her scream in pain” Paula said.   I was so mad with Paula. Paula’s fangs showed. She went to bite me. I kicked her off me. I quickly stood up. Steven was mad but not as worse as me. Paula started fighting me again. I pushed her onto the ground. Steven handed me the stake. Paula got scared. I stabbed Paula in the heart with the stake. Paula screamed.   “Rot in hell” I said.   Paula laughed. I pushed the stake further in. Paula screamed louder.   “Harry that’s enough” Steven said.   “No it’s not” I said.   I took the stake out. Paula closed her eyes and vanished. Tears fell. I punched the ground. Steven hugged me.   “She’ll be alright” Steven said.   My fangs disappeared. I stood up. Steven and I ran back to my house. We got there. I ran into Amelia’s room. I saw her awake. I smiled. I ran up to her and hugged her.   “I’m sorry” I said.   “Why?” Amelia asked.   “It was my fault” I said.   “No it wasn’t” Amelia said.   Everyone walked out so they could leave us alone for a while.   “I thought you were gone” I said.   “Never” Amelia said.   I pressed my lips onto Amelia’s lips. Amelia smiled. We pulled back. The marks were gone.   “They healed” I said.   Amelia nodded.   “Thank you” Amelia said.   I kissed Amelia’s check. She smiled.   “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me” I said.   “Me too” Amelia said.       Amelia’s P.O.V   I thanked Steven for helping me. He left. Everyone hugged me. I thanked them for the blood.    “Are we getting a new helper in?” I asked.   “Yeah” Mary said.   “Please make sure it’s a nice one” I said.   “I will” Mary said. We all laughed. It became late. Harry wanted to sleep with me. I let him. I fell asleep in his arms. Harry was playing with my hair until he fell asleep. 
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