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21. Chapter 16- Bitten


Chapter 16- Bitten   Harry kissed my forehead. I smiled. Harry looked at me. He leaned in and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Harry put his hand on my check. Harry smiled. Harry pushed me onto the bed. I smiled. Harry was on top of me. I could feel his tongue. I accepted it and smiled. Harry smirked.    “I love you” Harry said.   “Love you too” I said.   I looked into Harry’s eyes. I could feel him smile. Harry took his top off. I smiled. My fingers ran down his abs. Harry smiled.    “What if Paula walks in?” I asked.   “I don’t care” Harry said.   Harry ran his fingers through my hair. I smiled. Paula walked in.   “Harry” Paula said.   Harry kept kissing me. He finally pulled back. Harry got off me.   “What?” Harry said.   “Put your top back on” Paula said.   “No” Harry said.   “Yes” Paula said.   Her vampire teeth came down. Harry looked at her. Paula went after Harry. I pushed Paula away. My teeth showed.   “Back off” I said.   “No” Paula said.   I pushed Paula against the wall.    “Harry out” I said.   Harry nodded. He grabbed his top and ran out.    “Leave Harry alone” I said.   Paula smiled. Paula switched and pushed me against the wall. I looked at her. My teeth went back in. Paula’s came out.   “I want your blood now” Paula said.   “No” I said.   I tired pushing Paula off. Paula smiled. She placed her fangs into my neck. I screamed.    “Your blood is so good” Paula said.   I screamed. I felt it my life being drained by every drop of blood that was going into her. I could hear her drinking.    “No” I yelled.   Harry ran in.   “Amelia” Harry said.   Harry pulled Paula off me. I fell to the ground. I screamed. Harry’s vampire teeth showed at Paula. Paula whipped the blood away.   “Her blood was good” Paula said.    Harry pushed Paula against the wall.   “You will pay for that” Harry said.   I screamed again.    “I could drink your blood” Paula said.   Steven ran up.    “Move” Steven said.   Harry moved out of the way. Harry got to me.   “Amelia” Harry said.   I screamed.   “Amelia, I’m sorry” Harry said.   Paula ran off. Steven kneeled next to Harry. Harry bit into his wrist.   “Get everyone up here” Harry said.   “Why?” Steven asked.   “She needs blood fast” Harry said.   Steven nodded and ran out. Harry placed his wrist on my mouth.    “Take it” Harry said.   My fangs bit into Harry’s wrist. I drank his blood. Everyone else ran up.   “Amelia” Mary said.   After Harry finished giving me his blood. Everyone else did. Steven gave me some of his blood. The last person was Mary. After Mary moved her wrist. I closed my eyes.       Mary’s P.O.V   Harry picked Amelia up and placed her onto her bed.   “This is all my fault” Harry said.   “Why is it your fault?” Mary asked.   “I took my top off when Amelia and I were kissing, Paula came in, I didn’t listen after Amelia and I stopped kissing, Paula almost bit me, Amelia pushed Paula away, and then Amelia told me to leave, so I did” Harry said.   Everyone hugged Harry.   “It wasn’t your fault” I said.   Everyone pulled back. Harry looked at me.   “You guys should know something” Steven said.   We looked at him.   “Paula was a bad vampire, Elena told me she works for Richard” Steven said. Harry got mad. 
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