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20. Chapter 15- I need someone to talk to


Chapter 15- I need someone to talk to   I fell asleep. Steven smiled. He placed me gently onto the couch.      Harry’s P.O.V   I ran to Steven’s house. I knocked on the door. He answered.   “Is Amelia here?” I asked.   Steven nodded and let me in. I followed Steven. We got into the lounge. I saw Amelia asleep on the couch.   “She told you” I said.   “Yeah” Steven said.   I nodded. I walked up to Amelia. I moved her hair out of her face. I sighed.   “You really want to kick Paula out don’t you” Steven said.   “Yeah, what she said to Amelia wasn’t right” I said.   Amelia started to wake up. I smiled.   “Hey” I said.   “Hello” Amelia said rubbing her eyes.   Amelia sat up.   “Mary told Paula off for what she said to you” I said.   “Do you really think it’s my fault?” Amelia asked.   “Amelia it is not your fault” I said.   I hugged her. Amelia smiled.   “Do you want to go back?” I asked.   “Not yet” Amelia said.   “Alright” I said.   Steven walked up.   “She can stay here” Steven said.   “Thank you” I said.   “No problem” Steven said.   I stood up.   “Stay with me” Amelia said grabbing my hand.   I nodded. I sat next to Amelia. Steven sat down.   “Do you want me to put Paula in her place?” Steven asked.   “No I don’t want you to get hurt” Amelia said.   I smiled. Amelia put her arms around me. I smiled. I rubbed her back. Amelia fell asleep.   “Nightmares are making her tired” Steven said.   I nodded.    “She woke up at 12 this morning with the nightmare and didn’t get back to sleep until 3” I said.   Amelia’s P.O.V     *Nightmare*   Andy and I were fighting. Harry was chained to a wall.   “I knew you would come and save him” Andy said.   We started fighting. I got mad. My vampire teeth came down. Andy smiled. Sophie ran up behind me. She tied my hands up. Andy walked up to me.   “You’re so pretty” Andy said.   I looked at Andy. I saw Harry on the wall. He was breathing. I’m glad he was alive. Andy pulled out the vampireweedus. Andy walked up to me with it. Andy grabbed a knife. He placed the vampireweedus onto it. Andy stabbed me. I screamed. Andy removed the knife. I started falling to the ground. Harry broke from the wall. Andy and Sophie ran off. Harry ran up to me.   “Amelia” Harry said.   I coughed. I screamed.   “I love you” I said tears falling.   “You’re going to be alright” Harry said.   “No I’m not” I screamed.   Harry kissed my forehead.   “I love you” I said.   My eyes closed.   *End Nightmare*     I woke up and screamed.    “Amelia” Harry said.   I sat up.    “What happened this time?” Harry asked.   “You were chained to a wall, I went to save you, Sophie tied my hands up and Andy stabbed me” I said.   Harry hugged me. Steven ran in.   “Amelia are you alright?” Steven asked.   I nodded. Elena walked around the corner.     “Steven can you get some blood for Amelia please?” Harry asked.   Steven nodded. He walked off. Harry kissed my cheek.I smiled. Steven walked in with a glass of blood. He handed it to me.    “Thank you” I said.   Steven smiled. I drank the blood. Steven grabbed the glass. He walked off. Elena smiled.   “You must be Amelia” Elena said.   “Yeah” I said.   Elena curtsied.   “You don’t have to” I said.   Elena smiled. Steven walked back.   “Do you want to go home now?” Steven asked.   “I don’t know” I said.   “I’ll look after you” Harry whispered.   “Alright” I said.   Harry and I stood up.   “Thank you” I said.   “No problem” Steven said.   Harry and I left. We got back to my house. Paula was mad. I made my way up to my room. Harry walked up.    “You alright?” Harry asked.   I nodded. Harry walked up to me and hugged me. I smiled.   “Thanks for being here” I said. “No problem” Harry said. 
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