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19. Chapter 14- Nightmare 2


Chapter 14- Nightmare 2 Harry bit into his wrist. He placed it against my mouth. I shook my head.    "Take it you need blood" Harry said.    "I can't take yours" I said.    "You have to for strength" Harry said.    My teeth showed. I bit into Harry's wrist. Harry winced. After I finished taking the blood. I pulled away. Harry smiled and whipped his wrist from the blood.    "Thank you" I said.    Harry smiled and kissed my forehead. Steven let Paula go. Harry helped me stand.    "Thank you guys" I said.    Harry and Steven smiled. Paula walked out. So did Harry, Steven and I. Steven left. Mary gave Paula a second chance. Since we told her what happened. Harry and I really hated Paula. Something wasn't right about her. She knows not to get me mad. It became late. We walked off to our rooms and fell asleep.      *Nightmare*    Paula pushed me up against the wall again.    "I need your blood" Paula said.    I tried getting Paula off me. She didn't move. All she did was smile. Her vampire teeth showed. She then placed her teeth into my neck. I screamed. I tried moving away but I was weak. As she kept drinking my blood I could feel my life being drained away. I was losing colour in my eyes. As I had no blood left. I let out my last and final scream. Paula stopped feeding. I fell to the ground. Paula just stood there and watched me close my eyes and stop breathing.      *End Nightmare*    I woke up and screamed.    Harry and Mary ran in. Harry hugged me.    "What happened?" Mary asked.    "Paula killed me" I said.    "How?" Mary asked.    "By biting me" I said.    Paula walked in.    "Go back to sleep, and don't be a baby Amelia" Paula said.    We all looked at Paula. Harry kissed my forehead.   "Mary go back to bed, I'll look after Amelia" Harry said.    Mary nodded. She got up and walked out. Paula followed. Harry put his arms around me waist. I smiled. We both laid down. He pulled me closer towards him.   "I'll keep you safe in my arms" Harry said.    I nodded. Harry smiled. He played with my hair. I fell asleep. Harry smiled. He kissed my cheek. Harry fell asleep next to me. The next day. I woke up. Harry was still sleeping next to me. He woke up.    "Morning" Harry said.    "Morning, thanks for last night" I said.    "No problem" Harry said.    We both sat up. Harry still had his arms around me. Harry looked at my neck. He saw two red marks.    "What are they from?" Harry asked touching my neck.    "I don't know" I said.    "Maybe your nightmare" Harry said.    "Maybe" I said. We both stood up and walked down stairs. Mary saw me awake.   "Are you alright?" Mary asked.   I nodded.    "Her dreams are becoming real" Harry said.    "What do you mean?" Mary asked.    Mary saw two red marks on my neck. Mary walked up to me.    "Is that from your dream?" Mary asked.    I nodded.    "Alright, Harry you need to protect her 24/7" Mary said.   Harry nodded.    "We have to keep Paula away from you" Mary whispered.    We both nodded. Paula walked down.    "Thanks Amelia you ruined my sleep" Paula said.    "It wasn't my fault" I said.    "Don't scream after you have a nightmare its not like its going to come true" Paula said.    I got mad.    "At least Stacey cared" I said.    "And that's what got her killed" Paula said.    "No it's not" I said.    My vampire teeth showed.    "Hey I wasn't the one who kept my nightmares secret" Paula snapped.    I walked out of the house. I ran to Steven's house. I got there and knocked on his door. Steven answered.    "Amelia what is it?" Steven asked.    "Please I need someone to talk to" I said.    Steven let me in. We both sat on the couch.    "Now tell me everything" Steven said.    I told him everything even my nightmare. Steven saw the marks. He hugged me.
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