vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


18. Chapter 13- Telling Steven about Paula


Chapter 13- Telling Steven about Paula I coughed. Harry faced me. Mary handed me the blood. Paula knocked the blood out of my hand. Everyone looked at Paula.    "What was that for?" I asked.    "You can only have blood when I say you can" Paula said.    I got mad. But I was weak. I fell to my knees. Harry kneeled next to me. I placed my hands on the ground. Mary ran up to me with a bottle. Mary handed the bottle to me. I took some of the blood. Paula took the bottle away. I coughed. Harry rubbed my back. Harry stopped and helped me up.    "Harry can you come with me to Steven's?" I asked.    "Sure" Harry said.    "You can't go" Paula said.    "I'm sorry but we already made plans" I said.    Harry and I walked off to the door. We opened in and ran off. We got to Steven's place. I knocked on the door. Harry didn't look well.    "You need blood babe?" I asked.    "Yeah" Harry said.    Steven opened the door. He let us in.    "Wow you look horrible Harry" Steven said.    "Can you give us some blood?" I asked.    "Why didn't you take some at home?" Steven asked walking into the kitchen.    "We have a new person at our house, she made these rules and she won't let us drink the blood unless she says yes" I said.    "Did you have some?" Steven asked handing some blood to Harry.    I nodded.    "She knocked the first glass out of my hand, but Mary gave me another bottle and I drank that one" I said.    Harry drank the blood.    "Thanks" Harry said putting the glass in the sink.    "No problem" Steven said.    We told Steven all about Paula.    "Wow that seems harsh" Steven said.    Steven, Harry and I ran back to our place. We got there and walked in. Everyone hugged Steven.    "Amelia" Paula called from my bedroom.    I rolled my eyes. I ran up.    "What?" I asked.    "Why is there a hole in you're wall" Paula asked.    "I punched it because I was upset" I said.    Paula looked at me. She pushed me against the wall.    "Your a naughty girl" Paula said.    "Let me go" I said with my vampire teeth coming down.    Paula smiled.    "You're mum paid a lot of money for me to look after you" Paula said.    "Well your not doing a good job are you" I said.    My vampire teeth were still down. Her teeth showed.    "I could kill you now if I wanted to" Paula said.    I looked at her. My vampire teeth disappeared. Paula punched me in the stomach. I screamed. Paula let me go. I fell to the ground. I placed my hand on my stomach. Harry and Steven ran in. They saw Paula's vampire teeth.    "Amelia" Harry said.    I looked up. Paula's vampire teeth disappeared. Harry ran up to me. Steven got mad at Paula. Harry looked at me.    "Are you alright?" Harry said.    "I will be" I said moving my hand from my stomach.    Paula walked up to me and kicked me in the stomach. I coughed. Steven pushed Paula up against the wall.    "Do not touch her again" Steven said.  
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