vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


17. Chapter 12- Paula- new protector


Chapter 12- Paula- new protector It became late. We all fell asleep. 2 weeks past. I woke up. I stood up and got changed.         Stacey's room still hasn't been open. I walked down stairs. Everyone smiled. It's Saturday.    "A new protector is coming today" Mary said.   "Who?" I asked.   "I don't know" Mary said.   All of a sudden the doorbell rang. Mary walked up and answered it.    "Come on in" Mary said.   The lady walked in. We smiled.   "Hello I'm Paula" Paula said.   "Hi I'm Amelia this is Luna, Lucy, April, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Mary" I said.   "I know who you guys are" Paula said.   Paula pulled out a list.   "I have some new rules" Paula said.   "Rules" Louis said.   "Yes" Paula said.   She rolled down the paper. Our faces dropped.   "Bedrooms have to be clean there will be checks every Monday, bedtime is at 9:30pm, no late nights, 5 minute showers, must wear normal clothes, each person will cook, do dishes and the laundry, no slouching, eating on couches, sleeping in, farting, burping, cover your mouth when you cough, be up at 6pm every morning, only vampires are allowed over, no biting humans, no pussies" Paula said.   Harry lost it laughing at pussy. Paula looked at him and continued.   "No rudeness, no swearing, no fighting, act your age, no sex, no late night movies, no kid movie, no spuidness, always do your homework, listen to what I tell you, no Nerf gun wars, no water fights, no walking alone at night, no reading things that aren't important and last of all we always use spoons" Paula said   Paula rolled the piece of paper up. We were all shocked.   "But I'm scared of spoons" Liam said.   Paula looked at Liam   "Act your age" Paula said.   I got mad. My vampires teeth showed.   "Amelia no rudeness" Paula said.   Harry saw my vampire teeth.   "Calm down" Harry said.   I looked at Harry. My teeth disappeared. Harry smiled and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. We pulled back.   "No sex" Paula said.   "It's called kissing" I said.   Paula went to hit me. Harry protected me.   "No" Harry said.

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