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16. Chapter 11- Funeral


Chapter 11- Funeral It became late. We all fell asleep.    Amelia's P.O.V   2 days past. I woke up. I walked up to my closet. I got changed. It's Stacey's funeral today. I took a deep breath as I brushed my hair. After I did that. I walked down the sitars and me up with everyone.We left our house and ran to the grave yard. We got there. We met up with every good vampire Stacey knew. Steven was there he looked destroyed. I felt sorry for him. My parents were also there. Harry held my hand. I smiled. We all gathered around Stacey's grave. The funeral started. Mary started to talk. Tears streamed. Harry hugged me. He rubbed my back.   "She was an amazing friend, comrade, vampire and she was always there for Amelia if no was else could, she will always be remembered" Mary cried.   Mary walked off. Everyone talked. Steven walked up.   "Stacey was the one girl who treated me like someone different, she was always there for me, I know she protected Amelia with all her heart, she was the best thing that ever happened to me, she told me no matter how hard life gets just remember the fun times and you will always smile, I love you Stacey" Steven said.   Steven walked off. I walked up.   "To me Stacey was a second mum, she looked after me and everything a mother should, she was also a friend a best friend, she never let me down once, she was always there to comfit me in my darkest hours, she was the one friend I could talk to about anything, I love her" I cried.    I walked off. Harry hugged me. I put my arms around him. Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Lucy, Luna, April and Mary hugged me. We watched as Steven, Marcus, Jacob and Phil lowered Stacey into the ground. Harry kissed the top of my head.  After  Steven, Marcus, Jacob and Phil lowered Stacey into the ground they covered her up. After they finished. We all put roses on her grave. Memories came back. Harry walked up and put his on the ground. Harry rubbed my back. He pulled me up. Steven walked up and placed a rose on the ground. He looked like he wanted to cry. Steven hugged me.   "I'm sorry" I said.   "Yeah so am I" Steven said.   I smiled. We pulled back. Mary walked up and placed a rose on the ground. She cried. Mary stood up.   "I'm sorry" I said.   "It's not your fault" Mary said.   "Yes it is" I said.   I turned and walked off.   "Amelia" Harry said.   "Leave her" Mary said.    I walked through the woods. I got to a tree and punched it. It's all my fault I thought. I screamed out in frustration. I heard vampire hunters. I started running back.    "Amelia" Andy said.   I was still running. Andy ran faster and knocked me down. He turned me over and he sat on me.   "Get off" I said.   "I see you've been crying" Andy said.   "Well you would when you lose a close friend you son of a bitch" I said.   Andy put his hand over my mouth.   "Don't scream or bite" Andy said.   "Lucky for you I don't bite humans" I said him still covering my mouth.   Andy smiled.   "We still hate you" Andy said.   I tried kicking Andy off. Sophie walked up. Andy smiled.   "You are going to join Stacey in hell" Andy said.   He moved his hands away.   "HARRY!" I screamed.   Sophie cut her wrist. She placed it against my nose. I didn't bite.    "Bite" Sophie said.   "No" I said.   Andy got mad.   "HARRY!" I screamed again.     Harry's P.O.V   We all heard Amelia scream my name. We looked at each other and ran off. We got closer and we could smell human blood. We then saw Amelia on the ground. Andy was onto of her and Sophie was trying to feed Amelia human blood. Steven got mad and pulled Andy off. Marcus kicked Sophie away. I helped Amelia up and hugged her.   "Thank you" Amelia said.   I smiled. Steven got mad at Andy.   "So your the one who killed my girlfriend" Steven said.   "I guess your talking about Stacey" Andy said.   Steven got mad. His teeth showed.   "Well I see you don't bite humans either" Andy said.   "I told you we don't bite humans" Amelia said.     Amelia's P.O.V   We were all angry with Andy. Mum ran up to me and hugged me. Andy stepped back.   "You scared of my mum?" I asked.   "Yeah" Andy said.   Mum laughed.   "I'm not going to kill you" Mum said.   Dad hugged me.   "Protect her Harry" Dad said.   "I do" Harry said.   Harry walked up to me and hugged me. I hugged him. Andy and Sophie ran off. Steven hugged me.   "I am really sorry" I said.   "It really wasn't your fault" Steven said.   "I feel like it is" I said.   I pulled away from Harry and and Steven.   "Steven" I said.   Steven and I walked off. I told him everything.   "So she never found out that last thing she saw" Steven said   I nodded.   "Why do you think it's your fault?" Steven asked.   "I have a nightmare, the same one but it was me not Stacey" I said.   "You didn't know it would be her" Steven said.   "Maybe your right" I said.   We walked back to the others. I hugged Steven. I pulled back and Steven left. Everyone else left after he did. It was just Mary, Lucy, Luna, April, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and I left. we stayed for a while. Harry put his arms around my waist. I smiled. Harry kissed my neck. I smiled. We walked back to our placed. We got there. Mary unlocked it and we walked in. We made our way up to Stacey's room. We took a deep breath and walked in. We all moved everything she owned out. After we finished. We closed the door. I moved the box into the shed outside. I walked back into the house.
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