vampire love one direction love story

the is not my story


14. Chapter 10- Why her?


Chapter 10- Why her? Mary drove us home. I still couldn't believe it. But what else did Stacey see in my mind. That I will never know. We got back to our place. We all stepped out. Mary picked up Stacey and carried her in.     "The funeral will be held in 2 days" Mary said.     We all nodded. Mary contacted every good vampire we know. I feel sorry for Steven. He was Stacey's boyfriend. I walked off to my room. I slammed the door. I punched the wall. I left a hole in the wall. I fell to my knees. Harry ran in. He ran over to me and hugged me.    "Shh..." Harry said.    I cried in his chest. Harry rubbed my back.     "Why her?" I asked.    "I don't know" Harry said.     Harry kissed the top of my head. I put my hands around him.    "It's alright babe just let it out" Harry said.    I cried hard in his chest. I fell asleep in Harry's chest. Harry smiled as he saw me asleep. He picked me up. Harry placed me onto the bed. He kissed my forehead. He then whipped my tears off.     Harry's P.O.V     After I whipped Amelia's tears away. I walked out. I walked down stairs.     "Is she okay?" Louis asked.     "No she's destoryed" I said.     "We are so going to kill Andy" Luna said.    "You know we don't harm humans even if they are hunters" Mary said.     "But? Look what they did to Amelia" Luna said.     "We know but we have to be strong for her, Steven and Stacey" Mary said.     Luna nodded. I smiled.     "Amelia needs us right now" I said.    "Yeah" Lucy said.    "I hate seeing her like this" I said.     "We all do" Liam said.     I sighed. I sat on the couch.    "What are we going to do, let Andy get away with it?" Luna asked.     "We can't harm humans" Mary said.     "But he can't get away with it" Luna said.     "Luna the king and queen feel the same way but you know the rules, no hurting humans" Mary snapped.     Her teeth were showing. Luna nodded.     "For now let Amelia rest" I said.     Everyone nodded.    "You okay?" Louis asked sitting next to me.     "Just thinking" I said.     "About?" Louis said.    "Before Stacey said, she told Amelia and I what she saw in Amelia's mind and her last words where there was something else in your mind, Stacey didn't get to finish the word" I said.     "What?" Mary said.     I nodded.     "I want to find out but I can't go into Amelia's mind" I said.    "We can't either only some vampires can, Steven could" Mary said.     I looked at Mary.
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