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5. Chapter 1- School


Chapter 1- School   One day I woke up. Great school. I hate school. I got up.   “Amelia get up” Stacey yelled.   “I am” I yelled.   Stacey was like our mum. All of us live in one house. I stood up. I walked up to my closet and opened it. I grabbed my school uniform out. I closed my bedroom door and got changed. I opened it. I brushed my hair. I grabbed my school bag and made my way down stairs. I got there. Everyone smiled.   “What?” I asked.   “Bit late this morning” Harry laughed.   I hit him playfully.   “We heard you screaming in your sleep again” Mary said.   Mary is like the doctor in our family.   “Sorry” I said.   “It’s alright” Mary said.   “Come in guys school” Stacey yelled.   All of us apart from Louis and Zayn have to go to school. We got into the van. Stacey drove off. We were all talking. Stacey got to our school. She parked the car. We all stepped got out.   “See you tonight” Stacey said.   “Yeah” We all said.   Stacey reversed and drove off.   “What are your dreams about?” Liam asked.   I went quiet.   “Alright” Liam said.   We got our friends.   “Hello” Summer said.   “Hey” I smiled.   The school bitches. That’s all we needed. They hated us because we know One Direction and are friends with them. Britney (The leader) looked at us.   “Wow you guys look worse in the mornings” Britney said.   “Who us or you?” April asked.   “Shut up” Britney said.   “Someone’s embarrassed” Luna said.   “Amelia, I heard your mum killed herself by drugs” Britney said.   I got mad. I could feel my teeth were going to show. Harry walked up to me.   “Calm down” Harry said.   I calmed down.   “Better?” Harry asked.   I nodded.   “Well its true” Steph said.   That was it. I was so mad. My blood was boiling inside. Liam saw me.   “Harry get her out here” Liam said.   Harry nodded. Harry grabbed my hand and we walked away from group.   “Amelia calm down” Harry said.   I looked at him. I calmed down.   “Better?” Harry asked.   I nodded.   “Thank you” I said.   “No problem princess” Harry chuckled.   I laughed. We walked back to the others. The bell rang for lesson. We all walked off together. We had English. We got there. We walked in and sat down.   “Are you going to tell us about your dream?” Lucy asked.   “No” I said.   “But Princess” Luna said.   “No and that’s final” I said.   “Fine” Luna and Lucy said.   I grabbed my book out. Everyone else walked in. even the teacher.   “Alright class today we are reading twilight” the teacher said.   He gave everyone in the class a twilight book. I looked at it and shook my head.   “You okay? Liam asked.   “Yeah” I said.   Britney saw me.   “Drug family” Britney yelled out.   I looked at Britney and she laughed.   “Alright class start reading” The teacher said.   I opened the book and started to read. The war images were going through my head. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up and walked out.   “Amelia” Harry said.   Everyone else got up and followed me out. They saw me.   “What’s going on?” Liam asked.   I looked at them. Some of the fallen came. Everyone protected me.    “We only want Amelia” Mark said.   “You’re not getting her” Harry snapped.   I could tell his vampire teeth were showing. One of them tried to grab me.   “Back off” Lucy said.   Her teeth were also showing.  I got mad. Vampire hunters came up.    “Great” Niall.   “Hello vampires” Andy said.   “Harry get Amelia out of here” Luna said.   Harry grabbed my hand. We walked off. One of the hunters stopped us. Harry got mad. Harry started to fight the vampire hunter. He pulled out a gun. Harry kept fighting. The hunter fired the gun. I screamed.   “Amelia” Harry said.   The hunter ran off. Harry got to me.   “Are you alright?” Harry asked.   “I will be” I said.   I started fainting.   “Amelia” Luna said.   Harry caught me.       Harry’s P.O.V       I caught Amelia as she was fainting. Everyone ran up to her.    “We should get her out of here” Liam said.   We got into a janitor’s closet. I placed Amelia on the ground.    “Shut the door” I said.   “But” “NOW!” I snapped.   Liam shut the door. Luna called Mary. Mary told her what to do.   “She needs blood” Luna said.   “Blood” Liam said.   “What type of blood?” Luna asked.   Luna nodded.   “Vampire” Luna said.   We looked at Luna.   “How?” Luna asked.   Luna nodded.   “Someone needs to bite their wrist” Luna said.   “I’ll do it” I said.   Everyone nodded. I lifted my wrist and bit into it.   “What now?” I asked.   “What do we do after?” Luna asked.   Luna nodded.   “Place it on her mouth” Luna said.   I nodded. Liam held Amelia’s head up. I placed my wrist on Amelia’s mouth.    “When do I take my wrist away?” I asked.   Luna asked the question.   “As soon as you feel a bite” Luna said.   I felt a bite. I screamed. Liam laughed. I took my wrist away. I shook my wrist.   “Man she has a hard bite” I said.   Amelia started to open her eyes. We all smiled.   “You’re alright” I said.   “Yeah” Amelia said.       Amelia’s P.O.V   Harry was really concerned about me. I removed the blood from my mouth. I tried sitting up. I couldn’t. I screamed.   “Careful” Niall said.   I smiled.    “When we get home, Mary will take out the bullet” Luna said.   I nodded. Lucy grabbed my fine arm and pulled me up.    “Thanks” I said.   “No problem princess” Lucy said.   “You don’t have to call me that” I said.   “I know” Lucy said.   Harry gave me his jacket.   “Thanks” I said.   “It’s alright” Harry said.   We walked. The bell rang. We ran back to class and grabbed our bags. We were walking out.   “I need to speak with you 7” The teacher said.   We stayed back.   “Look I’m sorry I ran out before” I said.   “I’m letting you guys off the hook but never do that again” The teacher said.   “Thank you” We all said.   The teacher smiled. We grabbed our bags. We walked out. One more lesson then home. We saw Mary.   “Amelia” Mary said.   Mary ran up to me. I smiled.   “Come with me” Mary said.   We followed her.   “Take your jacket off” Mary said.   I took the jacket off and I gave it back to Harry. Mary lifted up my sleeve.   “This might hurt” Mary said.   I nodded. Mary grabbed some tweezers. Mary look at the wound. She placed the tweezers towards the bullet. I screamed. Mary got the bullet out. I screamed.   “God that hurts” I yelled.   “Sorry” Mary said.   Mary stitched up the wound. Britney walked up.   “What happened?” Britney asked.    I screamed.   “Mary” I yelled.   “Sorry” Mary said.   Mary cut the sting.    “Thank you though” I said.   “It’s alright, be careful next time” Mary said.   “Funny” I said.   Mary took off. Harry put his jacket back on me.   “Thanks” I said.   Harry smiled. Harry grabbed my bag.   “I can carry it” I said.   “No way princess” Harry whispered.   “Stop calling me that” I whispered.   Harry chuckled.   “Yes princess” Harry whispered. I laughed. We walked off. Great PE next. The bell rang for next lesson. We walked off to the gym. The girls and I walked into the girls bathroom. Liam, Niall and Zayn walked into the male bathroom. Us girls got changed. I sprayed. We walked out of the bathroom. The boys saw us. I gave Harry his jacket back. Harry smiled and put it on. 
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