The story of a boy

This is a little tale of a little boy who was gay.
And it goes a little something like this . . .

I have nothing against gays


1. The battle of Legend

‘Faggot! Get the Faggot!’ Shouted one of the kids from a nearby school; they always do this, when they see me, they always throw big floppy dildo’s at me, telling me to shove them up my ass, they also throw lube at me, whenever I go home after I’ve been attacked, and I’m all lubed up, my mother always laughs at me, saying that the kids just like to pour lube all over me and rub it into my skin. My Father on the other hand, he slaps me on the backs of my legs, telling me to get cleaned the fuck up and to give those kids at school a good beating . . . and to stop getting into mothers make-up.

It’s not my fault I crave dick, being gay comes naturally to me, it’s what I like. Penis. Sometimes, when I’m on my own and nobody is looking, I’ll go into my older sisters room and put her make-up on, and sometimes, as a little treat to myself, I’ll jam it in my bum hole for a couple of minutes; It really depends on how long they’re gone.


Next day at school, was no different, except when I discovered that there was a new student, male, that goes by the name of Harry Potter, I decided that I wanted to impress him, by showing him how large my , lunch box was. I even put in the effort to decorate it with a picture of his face.

At little lunch, I walked up to where he was sitting, with a female on his lap, I opened my mouth to announce my presence, but hesitated when someone from behind me shouted ‘Yo Gangsta!’

I turned around and there it is I see, a grey-blue mottled skin man with no nose and no hair, he was wearing a black robe with a badge on the front of a dinosaur trying to give a hug to someone, but it’s arms were too small, in his hand he held out a wooden stick of some sort, but I knew enough about fashion that it was a wand, pointed toward Harry Potter. Behind the man stood a younger man, with blonde hair and a constipated look on his face, he too was wearing a black robe, but had no badge on the front, he mustn’t be special I thought, and in his hand he held a long sharp knife. Harry stood up, pushing the stack of books from his lap, and drew a wand, this one was black and shiny, he pointed his towards the grey-blue man.

‘Voldemort; we meet again’, he looked behind the Voldemort towards the blonde man and said ‘Draco? How could you? I thought we had something special? Do I mean nothing to you?’

The blonde man looked startled and the knife in his hand moved up towards his opposite arm, he held the blade centimetres above his skin, then with some hesitation, he looked Harry in the eyes and pulled the knife across his skin, cutting open his arm releasing a heavy stream of blood.

Harry looked shocked, upset, and angry, he started crying, slowly lowering his wand, Voldemort must have noticed because he took the opportunity to cast a spell ‘Expelli—’ he didn’t get to finish the spell, because out of the corner of my vision I saw a girl, with curly burgundy hair, and a boy with shaggy red hair, both were holding wands pointed at Voldemort and shouted at the same time ‘Stupefy!’  Voldemort was knocked to the ground, gasping for air, Draco was just standing there laughing, then he walked over to Voldemort and tea-bagged him. Harry walked away, obviously bored out of his mind, the two people who had appeared to save Harry walked away, giving Draco the finger. Draco returned in kind.

Taking the opportunity, I ran after Harry, who must have heard me approaching, because he turned around and jabbed his wand through my neck, so it exited the other side.

He kissed me and the world went dark.

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