Little things <3

Kyra Mary Bennett is forced to join a world she never thought was possible when she meets the man of her dreams but realizes some dreams come with complications


7. The song

Harry pulled me up several flights of stares and out a large sliding glass door into a huge backyard with a built in pool, fire pit, and hot tub.
We walked over to the fire pit, which was already lit, all the boys sat around it, Niall had a guitar in his hands and was strumming it to a nice tune.
"Hey guys" harry sat beside Niall and motions for me to sit too "so who is this mystery woman" louis gestured at me and blood rushed to my cheeks "I'm Kyra" i said, they all stared at me for a minute and turned back to each other "so management wants us to work on little things before we preform it" Liam pipped up, Niall started to play the tune for the song and they all started singing there voices mixed together and harmonized perfectly, tears welled in my eyes again as the continued to sing, harrys part came and he stared at me as he sang a smile spread across his lips, the song ended and a smile spread across so my face "so did you like it?" Harry asked all the boys stared at me waiting for me to say yes or no "ya i really like it" i tryed to make my voice strong but it came out as a breathless whisper, i cleared my throat and looked at the ground again, harry leaned over me and whispered "i have a feeling that song fits you perfectly"
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