Little things <3

Kyra Mary Bennett is forced to join a world she never thought was possible when she meets the man of her dreams but realizes some dreams come with complications


1. The fight

"Kyra Mary, get down here now!" my mother screamed from the bottom of our steps, I groaned angrily, what did I do this time, I stood from my bed and walked to my radio spinning a dial that made the music playing from it just seconds again non-existent "what?" I stood just a few steps away "you school called, again, apparently your failing three out of four classes and your attendance is next to nothing" she placed her hands on her hips and glared at me "you have to get your grades up and stop ditching school before they are forced to expel you" I tuned her out then my mind wandering to different things like the book I was working on, since my father died different things started to interest me like running and writing, two things he did on a daily basis, " are you even listening to me?" my mother shrieked with anger "yes!" I groaned, suddenly frustrated, "good, so your going to start trying?" she gave me a look that only could mean 'there's only one right answer' "yes mother" I mumbled "good now go to your room" I spun quickly and ran up the stairs, I slammed my bedroom door and spun the volume dial on my stereo making the music fill my bedroom and fell backward onto my bed and rolled onto my stomach and screamed into my blankets and pillows angry tears welled in my eyes and I wiped frantically at them, I hadn't cried since my fathers funeral and I wasn't going to start now.
I shoved clothes into a backpack running around my room, io ran over to my book shelf and pull book after book off of it, some were the few books my father managed to get published and shoved them into my laptop bag as well as my laptop I zipped the bags closed and looked around my room one more I walked to the window and slid it open, a cool breeze filled my bedroom, I knew what I needed to do but had never had the guts to do it my fathers death hit me all to hard and I couldn't handle my mother eny more, I was leaving and if I could never coming back I wrote a quick note to my mother and hopped out the window my feet hit ground and I took off in a brisk sprint.
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