Little things <3

Kyra Mary Bennett is forced to join a world she never thought was possible when she meets the man of her dreams but realizes some dreams come with complications


4. Starstruck

Harry put my phone back down, stood and back over to the boys, i watched him as he sat back down, he looked over at me, i felt my cheeks go hot and looked down at my computer, i shoved it back into my bag and stood, i slung my bag over my shoulder and quickly walked out the door.
I walked for a while but started to feel completely out of it and was forced to stop on a nearby bench a harsh wind picked up around me and i shivered, i rummaged threw my backpack looking for something warm but it turned out i didn't, i wrapped my arms around myself but i couldn't stop shivering, i decided it would make me warmer to keep walking so i did, after a while longer of walking a small vehicle slowed beside me, i continued walking keeping a cautious eye on the vehicle, it followed me and the window slowly started to roll down, harry stared out the passenger window, louis sat in the drivers side, "you look cold get in" he motioned toward the back seat but i hesitate "come on get in" i slowly walked over to the door and sat inside the warm vehicle, a shiver ran down my back and i rubbed my hands together, louis pulled away from the curb and started driving again "may i ask were we are going?" A sense panic twirled in my stomach "your coming back to our house to warm up" harry smiled at me "ok..." Was all i could force out of my frozen lips.
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