Little things <3

Kyra Mary Bennett is forced to join a world she never thought was possible when she meets the man of her dreams but realizes some dreams come with complications


9. Sleepless

I woke feeling stiff and tired , i shoved the blankets away from my body and sung my legs over the side of the bed, i pushed myself to my feet and stretched out, in response my hip, shoulder, and ankle popped, i winced and moved to the door, i slowly inched it open and peeked into the hall, it was empty, i pushed it open enough to exit out and started down the hall, i walked past a door and stopped in my tracks, a melodic angels voice came through the door into the hall, i leaned against the door, listening, suddenly the singing stopped and the door swung open, i feel sideways and felt a pair of hands on my shoulders steadying me, i looked up to find Niall staring down on me, hair soaked from a recent shower "i.." I tried to form words but nothing worked, Niall propped me upright, we stared into each others eyes and he took a step toward me, instinctively i took a step back, only to find i was against the bathroom door, Niall took another step forward and our lips met, shock waves took over my system and i wrapped my arms around his neck, i slightly saw his hands against the door behind me, a throat cleared "well whats going on here" Niall stepped back and through the cloud the kiss had settled into my head i saw harry zayn louis and Liam all staring at us, i blushed a deep red and Niall took a few steps away "i-i..." I stammered uncontrollably and looked at harry he winked at me, i suddenly curled my hand around the side of my face and moved along the wall until i found the door to my current room, i slammed it shut and slid to the floor still breathless
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