Little things <3

Kyra Mary Bennett is forced to join a world she never thought was possible when she meets the man of her dreams but realizes some dreams come with complications


6. Remembrance

I stared at the door in complete silence, trying to regain my sanity, i lay motionless on the bed replaying his words over and over again.
I finally sat up and went threw my backpack finding clean clothes and my fathers books, i changed and sprawled across the bed reading my fathers story again.
There was a light knock on the door and i yelled for the person to come in, the door swung open and harry stood in the door frame "i just realized i never actually got your name" he smiled at me "Kyra, Kyra Bennett" i replied, i stared down at my book again and placed a piece of paper inside "what are you reading?" He reached toward the book but i hugged it against my chest "i just want to see it" he said, reasuringly, my grip eased slightly but i didnt let go, he slipped it out of my arms and held it carefully "be careful" obvious fear covered my words, harry raised an eyebrow at me and i felt my heart stop for a mere second.
Harry handed the book back to me and sat on the bed facing me "so you wanna explain to me why that book is so important and why your here?" I stared at him in silent disbelief "i'm here because you brought me here" i tried my hardest to keep the annoyance out of my voice "and my dad wrote the book" i stared into my lap, feeling my cheeks heat up, harry chuckled "well now that thats cleared up the boys and eye are out by the camp fire and i want you to come out and meet everyone so that theres no longer a total stranger in our home" he grabbed my hand and lead my out the door before i could say a single word.
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