Little things <3

Kyra Mary Bennett is forced to join a world she never thought was possible when she meets the man of her dreams but realizes some dreams come with complications


5. Impossible

Louis drove up a narrow driveway and hit a button on the dashboard, the huge garage door slid open and louis drive inside, the door instantly closed behind us and my stomach knotted, harry and louis slammed there doors shut and louis walked inside, harry stood outside of the car and stared at me "are you comin?" He asked, i opened the car door and stepped onto the hard concrete of there garage "you house is huge" i commented, looking around, "well five boys share it and we have a good amount of money" he looked around the garage, i tried to pull my bag out of the car but harry came up behind me and took it from the seat " i can carry my own bag" i pulled it from his hands and started walking toward the door that i thought would lead into the massive house but i was wrong, instead it lead me into a huge boxed off indoor garden "wow" i whispered, the garden was the most beautiful thing i had seen in a while "i see you found niall's garden" i turned to see harry leaning against the door frame "niall's?" I asked, harry took a few steps toward me "yep he has a green thumb" before i could stop myself a small laugh slipped through my lips, a smile spread across harrys lips "come on ill show you around the house" he grabbed my wrist and pulled me from the garden into a long hallway and up a flight of stairs he pointed out a library and a small at home gym and all the boys bedrooms, he stopped infront of a room and swung the door open to reveal a small room with a single bed in the corner a computer desk and a nightstand with a range of cds and a stereo placed in it "this is were you can stay" he motioned me into the room and i placed my bag onto the bed " wow" i sighed, i felt slightly overwhelmed and confused, "why are you letting me be here" i asked "because theres something strange about you, and i want the opportunity to find out what it is" with that he turned and left the room closing the door quietly behind him.
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