Little things <3

Kyra Mary Bennett is forced to join a world she never thought was possible when she meets the man of her dreams but realizes some dreams come with complications


11. Embarrased

The boys joked and laughed while we all ate "so lads what are we doing today?!" Louis piped up, everyone went silent, "well why don't we just hang out here, watch movies?" Harry looked at me and wagged his eyebrows making me blush again, god i was doing that a lot, everyone agreed, quickly dispersing to grab blankets and comfy clothes leaving me and Niall sitting at the table, i leaned closer to him and his arms wrapped around my waist "so.." He whispered, i turned to look at him, "does this make us a couple?" He asked hesitantly, i leaned forward pressing my lips to his he pulled me closer and i melted into the kiss, i pulled away slightly "is that enough of an answer for you?" I smiled "definatly" his lips touched mine again lightly and lifted me up carrying me toward the couches.
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