The story of the poor man

The story of the poor man found by the wealthy kind man.


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The story of the poor man



The poor man lay in the gutter, people passed him by without a glance, they were to busy going to sing and dance.

A wealthy man, well respected in the town walked by and stopped.

He spoke kindly to the poor man and bent down and offered him a hand.

People stopped and stared, what was happening here they said amongst themselves, just leave the beggar in the dirt and grime where he rests all of the time.

The wealthy man looked at the towns folk and spoke, “He is one of gods children just like all of us”.

The town’s folk put their heads down in shame, now they could feel the poor mans pain.

The wealthy man feeds and shelters the poor man, who cry’s and goes’ on his knees.

“Stand up you have no need to thank me on your knees, for we are one, now you go forth and spread the word of the lord”.

The poor man understands and promises to go forth and follow the lord and to spread his word and never again will he lay down in the dirt.

C Robert Paul Bennett 2012

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