My Guardian Angel

Lillian is saved from am attack while walking home one night who saves her?
Who is her Guardian Angel?


5. Welcome H- Whos This?

(Lillian's POV)

Niall unlocked his door I heard Justin Bieber's Boyfriend being blasted

"Did you leave your music on?" I asked

"Not exactly" He asnwered he went to open the door when it was torn open and a boy abother member of the band came out

"Your on Styles-" He was cut off by colliding with Niall and falling to the floor I laughed

the curly haired member popped his head out the door

"Welcome h- whos this?" he asked smirking at me

"This is Lillian you can look but you cant touch" Niall said

"Why is she your girlfriend?" He asked the boy  made a grunting sound from the floor

"Hello?! person on the floor dont strain yourselves to help me up!" He yelled I laughed The curly one helped him up.

"Now can you two move so we can come in?" Niall asked the boy stepped up and started chest bumping him lightly

"Watcha gonna do about it?" he asked repaetedly while bumping him off the porch and onto the lawn

I turned away from looking at them and back to the curly one he was smirking at them and then his eyes flicked to mine I looked away quickly, He chuckled I looked back at Niall and the boy they stopped and were walking towards us

the boy walked up to me and stuck out his hand

"Hi, I'm Louis" he said I took his hand and shook it

"Lillian" I said the curly one pushed him away and stuck out his hand

"Harry" he said I shook his

We walked into the house and two more boys walked up

"Who's this Niall?" one with chocolate brown eyes asked

"Liam Zayn this is Lillian, Lillian this is Liam and Zayn" Niall said

I smiled

they smiled back I already felt like they were my friends







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