My Guardian Angel

Lillian is saved from am attack while walking home one night who saves her?
Who is her Guardian Angel?


6. Party Time!


(Lillian's POV)

Tonight was club night with Niall and the boys I've been living with them for the last 3 months.. its been a blast they are amazing people and normal guys besides what media says..

"Lily come on!" Harry called up the stairs

"Be down in a second!" I called back down I have started to get feelings towards Niall he is such a sweet boy and hes cute he had a beautful voice and personalitly..

I get jealous whenever it seems hes intrested in others..

I walk down the stairs and met up with the boys we got into the car and shortly after we arrived at the club and started to dance as soon as our feet hit the dance floor well Liam, Zayn and Nialll headed to the bar I danced inbetween Harry and Louis to the music thats when I saw him my attacker My heart exploded with fear I looked at Louis and Harry and ran towards Niall I ran into his arms shaking

"Whats wrong?" He asked

"Hes here" I felt Niall tense up as the boys made a protecting barrier around me I cuddled into Niall's chest as he whispered things in my ear to calm me down I shivered we quickly ran out of the club and jumped in the car and drove back to the house locked all the doors and windows closed all the curtains they each grabbed a baseball bat and other things I got a knife from the knife block when there was a knock at the door...

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