My Guardian Angel

Lillian is saved from am attack while walking home one night who saves her?
Who is her Guardian Angel?


3. I Feel The Need To Protect You

(Lillian's POV)

The boy jumped up from the steps and put his hands on my cheeks
"It's ok it's ok" he whispered
I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist and squeezed me tight.
I brought him inside and we sat on the couch
"I see your feeling better" he said
"Yeah thanks to you and my good old friend Tylenol" I said he smiled and chuckled I noticed he was wearing braces
"Why did you sit on my porch last night? We're you there all night?" I asked
"Yep" he said
"Why?" I asked
"We I feel the need to protect you, I stayed out there because the man said he knew where you lived so I didn't wanna leave you alone" he said
"Why didnt you just come inside?"
"I felt like it would be rude to stay on your house I didn't get an invitation" he said
"Why do you feel the need to protect me we don't even know each others names" I said
"Oh yeah my names Niall Horan" he said out stretching his hand and then it came to me
Niall Horan of One FRIKIN Direction
Platinum album, world record, beautiful faces, fans, money, cars and he still felt the need to protect me
"And yours is?" He asked I snapped into reality I took his hand
"Lillian Evans" I said he shook it
"Pleasure to meet you" he said I looked into his crystal blue eyes
"You mean The Niall Horan?" I asked he looked at me
"What do you mean"
"The Irish legend in the band One Direction?" He chuckled
"Hardly a legend" he said
"Your my legend and Hero" I said he smiled
"Thanks" he said
"Do you know what your are?" I asked him
"What?" He asked
'My Guardian Angel" I said

(Niall's POV)

Guardian Angel? I didn't fully get it but I loved it because that sounded like I was going to be able to spend a lot more time with her and that sounded real good to me.
"I'm sorry were you headed somewhere?" I asked
"Yeah shopping, would you like to come?" She asked
"Yeah sure but can we go back to my house so I can change?" I asked
"Yeah sure" she said we started to walk I didn't bring my car last night wasn't really smart of me I left it at Nando's...
We walked back to Nando's and got into my Dodge challenger it was black
We drove to me and the boys house man was she in for a big surprise when we got there she probably thinks its only MY house but really I share it with 4 other idiots.
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