My Guardian Angel

Lillian is saved from am attack while walking home one night who saves her?
Who is her Guardian Angel?


2. He's An Angel, Wait No He's Niall Horan!

(Niall's POV)
She unlocked her door from in my arms and I opened the door I put her on her couch, I grabbed a blanket and put it over her and grabbed a pillow from the other couch and put it under her head
"Where's your kitchen?" I asked
"Down the hall to your left" she said I followed her directions and got a mug out of the dishwasher and filled her kettle with water and plugged it back in and turned it on I found the tea bags and the spoons and waited I knew how to make tea because Louis taught me he said it was a huge turn on when a guy can make tea, but I wasn't after turning her on I was after getting her warmed up.
I poured the hot water into the mug making sure the tea bag string didn't go in the cup I found a tray and put the sugar and the milk on it along with the tea.
I walked out into the loving room and set it down on the coffee table
"Aww" she said
"I didn't know how much milk or sugar you put in your tea" I said
"This is great thank you" she said sitting up
"Slow movements your head was hit pretty hard" I said she just smiled at me
"Did you bring a spoon?" She asked
"Oh sorry I will be right back with that" I said I moved to fast and tripped over my own feet and feel to the floor
"Oh my god are you ok?" She asked trying not to laugh
"Yeah awesome walking on sunshine" I said getting up and walking back to the kitchen I face palmed myself, how embarrassing!
I grabbed the spoon I took out and walked down the hall and gave it to her
"Want me to out on a movie?" I asked
"Can you see if finding nemo is in there?" She asked I skimmed the shelf and found the movie and put it in and gave her the controller that was on the shelf she thanked me
15 minutes later...
She was asleep I was getting ready to leave when I remembered what the man had said
"If someone rescues you that won't help cause I know where you live bitch"he knows where she lives and could break in while I'm gone I decided to sit outside and keep watch
I sat on the steps
It was dark only the light from the street lights lighting up the streets
I got bored after a while so I started playing angry birds on my phone

(Lillian's POV)
I woke up and there was no sign of the boy from last night I slight feeling of disappointment passed threw me I got up and went to the kitchen and took Tylenol I was going to go shopping today I went up and got dressed and went down the stairs and opened the door and didn't expect what I saw I screamed.

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