My Guardian Angel

Lillian is saved from am attack while walking home one night who saves her?
Who is her Guardian Angel?


1. He Saved Me.

(Lillian's POV)

I was walking home from my late shift at Nando's when I turned and saw a man following me I quickened my pace I turned down an alleyway what an idiot move I started to run but ran into someone and fell to the ground he picked me up by my hair I screamed in agony
"Shut up!" He said covering my mouth I elbowed him in the stomach he put me against the wall by the throat
"You did this to yourself snitch" he said and punched me in the stomach
"What did I do?" I asked
"Don't act like you don't know!" He yelled in my face and slapped my right cheek I started to scream
"If anyone recuses you that won't help I know where you live bitch!" He yelled I screamed loud again he hit my head off the brick wall I slid down and everything went black

(Niall's POV)

I was just leaving Nando's when I heard a scream I ran threw the trees tripping occasionally what? I'm very clumsy I hid behind a bush when I saw a girl and a man he was chocking her then he punched her in the stomach
"What did I do?" She asked
"Don't act like you don't know!" He yelled in her face and then he slapped her I almost ran out and started beating the shit out of the guy under any circumstances you don't touch a women she screamed and he yelled her
"Even if someone rescues you that won't help I know where you live bitch!" He yelled in her face and hit her head against the wall she slid down the wall
That's when I couldn't hold it in I jumped out of the woods the man looked smaller from the bush I stood infront of him
"What do you want?" He asked
"I was walking and then I noticed you hurting this girl what is wrong with you?" I asked bravely
"What's it to you? This bitch did something to me in the past run along now faggot"
I didn't even say anything I threw my fist to his face it landed on his cheek a welt already forming he pushed me I tackled him to the ground and punched his face two more times he was bigger but I was stronger.
"Get the fuck off me!" He yelled I pulled his hair and lifted his head up and punched him in the nose he landed a punch to my cheek it hurt but I shook it off he punched the eye on the opposite side of the cheek I hit his head off the ground knocking him out I spit on him
"Fuck you" I said I went to the girls side
I shook her shoulders lightly
She moaned I put my hands on her cheeks
"Are you ok?" Her eyes slowly opened and her beautiful green eyes connected with my eyes

(Lillian's POV)

I opened my eyes and they instantly connected with two beautiful blue ones
"Are you ok?" He asked again
"My head hurts"
"You've just been attacked" he said
"I know that where's my attacker?" I asked
He turned and pointed
"Right there I beat the living shit out of him" he said sounding full of triumph, I couldn't hold it in I giggled
But that man was like 6 foot and this boy had to be about 5 foot something.
"Why are you giggling?" He asked
"Your funny" I said
"Want me to take you home?" He asked
"Sure" I said he picked me up bridal style and we stood there
"What's wrong?" I asked
"Well I kinda need to know where you live" he said
I told him the directions and he walked I snuggled up to his chest his Irish accent his blue eyes his blonde hair I knew him from somewhere.

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