My Guardian Angel

Lillian is saved from am attack while walking home one night who saves her?
Who is her Guardian Angel?


7. Get Out!

(Lillian's POV)

the knock startled us all we werent ready yet Zayn walked slowly over to the door and opened it slightly

"Hello is Lillian here?" he asked

"Im sorry you have the wrong house" Zayn said \

"Dont lie to me you useless piece of shit" he said to Zayn, My attacker pushed the door open, Niall stood infront of me

"Move you punk ass kid" he pat at Niall" Niall remained infront of me

"I kicked your ass before I could do it again' Niall said he spat in my attackers face

"Do you even know who I am you little runt?" He said

"your the guys whos getting the fuck out of my house" Niall said

"My name is David Hanks and I am a friend of Lillian's mother and I would like to take her with me

"fuck that" Niall said

"Get the fuck out of my way before I kill you" David said

"Screw you" Niall said

David ounched Niall in the face and he fell to the ground David pinned him and started to punch him Harry did something so brave he tackled David off of Niall and started punching him Harry was tough and they were doing this for me David reversed Harry and hit Harry's head of the floor and Harry looked like he was almost out of it when David started to choke him Louis tried to help but David hit him away thats when I blacked out

I lunged forward and pushed David off of Harry and stabbed him in the back with my knife and took it out and stabbed him in the chest he coughed up blood and for a moment everything seemed ok then I remebered Harry did I act fast enough?

I turned and slid on the floor

"Harry' I said form his side

"Thank you' He said quitely

"Anyday"  I said I hugged him and we all sighed in relief

'Now what do we do with numb nuts?" Niall said getting uo from the ground

"Call the police tell them the story." Liam said

"Yep good idea I'll get right on that' Louis said Zayn walked up to Niall asking him if he was ok

I felt that I needed to protect these boys now maybe we could be each others gaurdian angels...


Wow it feels like forever that I've updated this!

Have any of you heard of the Janoskians? leave your answer in the comment section below and I might start writtng a Janoskian fan fic! :) it may show up on the 1D app though sorry if you dont like them I just dont know how this works yet thank you for reading!

xx Harry_Lovaxx

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