Ft. What About Tonight

Nyssa (Marshmallow) is best friends with the boys of What About Tonight but is oblivious when it comes to the secret crush that Brock has on her. Will they get together? This is the adventures of Nyssa, Brock, Tyrone, Luke, Christian and Mitchel


2. Marshmallow

Chapter 2 - Marshmallow


(Brock P.O.V)

I looked at Christian and Marshmallow sitting on the couch looking at me expectantly. Christian had just asked me to tell Marsh about how the nickname came about and the memories were so. . . Emotional for me.

"Umm? Okay. Well it was two years ago the first time Christian's mum let him come camping with us cos we said that he would be sleeping in the same tent as me, cos I'm the eldest. We were all sitting around the campfire and you wanted to play 'fluffy bunnies.'" I said laughing

The images flew into my head, that was the night Nyssa and I shared our first kiss. It was amazing but she. . . She didn't feel the same sparks I felt. That night for the boys was the day she got her nickname, that night for me. . . Well it was the night I fell in love with my best friend.

"You had like 10 marshmallows in your mouth somehow and no words you said were comprehendable," I laughed again, remembering the huge smile she had on her face. "You ended up spitting all the marshmallows into the fire and the fire smoked up so bad! Anyway! At school on Monday we started calling you Marshmallow as an inside joke and it just stuck."

Nyssa burst out laughing.

"OhMiGosh! I can't believe I don't remember that!" she said as her laughter died down to a giggle, that beautiful smile coming onto her face just made me wanna smile even more.

That same beautiful smile she gave me that night. I never told her what that kiss meant to me, there was no reason. As soon as it was over she told me straight up that there were no sparks and I respected that and I just agreed smiling reassuringly. None of the boys know about the kiss, it had happened when I went to take Nyssa to the toilet. It was like 10 pm and we had been singing songs with Nyssa, I was sitting closest to her and she had whispered in my ear that she was scared to go alone. I got major tingles and felt happy just that she trusted me and stood up. As we were walking she grabbed my hand and I smiled to myself and led her to the toilet, it was quite a while away from our campsite.


I wondered through the bush holding hands with Nyssa, if only she knew how happy holding hands made me feel. She had asked me to take her to the toilet because she had been too scared to go alone. We eventually made it to the toilet after a few minutes of walking.

"Will you come in with me?" she asked, giving me the puppy eyes. " I need someone to hold the torch?"

"Of course," I said chuckling.

I grabbed the torch off her and walked into the toilet with her, locking the door behind me. This was one of the odd campsites to have working plumbing but they couldn't have lights? I trned around and shone the light over my shoulder to give her some privacy, I heard her giggle.

"Thankyou Brocky,"  she said giggling.

I heard the toilet  flush and waited a few seconds before turning around to see Nyssa standing right in front of me, so beautiful even in the dark. Her eyes seemed to glow in the dark room. Before realising what was going on, I felt Nyssa's lips on mine and it was amazing. I wasn't sure whether it was the fact that my sense of feeling was hightened in the dark or whether it was just that I was kissing the girl who I always thought of as my best friend but now wanted as more than that. I felt Nyssa pull away.

"So?" she asked.

I ignored the question and turned us around, pushing her up against the door and kissed her again, more heated than the last time. This time I pulled away and looked at her, well. . . Her outline, since I had dropped the torch.

"I'm sorry," Nyssa said, hugging me.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause I thought I liked you and then I did that and you're just like. . . More of a brother?" she said, making it sound more like a question for me to agree with.

"True," I said. "Well at least we won't make that mistake again," I said, winking at her.

Nyssa giggled.

"Thankyou, now! Let's go before the boys realise we're missing," she said giggling.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards where we were camped.

*End Flashback*

I put my fingers up to my lips, it had felt so real, like she was finally kissing me again. I looked up to see Nyssa and Christian staring at me intently,

"Cheese burgers and jelly babies much?" Nyssa said, smiling awkwardly.

"What?" Christian and I said together.

Nyssa giggled.

"When I was on holiday I found this website called wattpad.com, it's epic as hell, anyway! I downloaded the app and I was reading and one of the books I read she said 'cheese burgers and jelly babies' and I was like huh? And then I read a little further and it means awkward," she said, smiling like an idiot then bursting out into laughter.

Christian and I laughed, not so much at what she said but the fact that she had found it so funny. She was always like this, super happy and laughing, it's one of the reasons why I fell so hard for her.

"Anyway!" I said laughing still. "That's how you got the nickname Marshmallow."


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