A Dance Through Thyme [Harry Potter]

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't met. An unknown man sends Hermione back to the Marauder's Era as revenge, however, the consequences are far more disastrous than what even he imagines when Hermione loses her memory of the past. Why did that man do this to her, and what secrets will be spilled? Who is the guilty party?


31. Chapter 30: Godric's Hollow

The breeze was cool as it ruffled through Snape’s long cloak. He hoped that Dumbledore would not take too long.

It was strange that he had asked to meet in Godric’s Hollow, of all places. What was the significance of this tiny village?

Hearing the gentle clicks of high-heeled boots on stones, Snape turned his body around. One hand was inside his cloak, ready to pull out his wand if needed.

“Ah, Severus. You are already here,” Dumbledore stated the obvious attempting to lighten the mood. “Good, good. I’d like you to follow me please.”

Dumbledore turned to lead the way, whistling quietly as he went. However, Snape was not so trusting.

“Where are you leading me?”

Dumbledore stopped whistling, but continued to walk across the cobbled path at the village square. An obelisk stood in the centre of the square, carved with names, it served as a memorial.

“We are here to meet a friend of mine. She will be able to shed bit of light on a lot of matters.”

The two men made an odd couple as they meandered down streets, only to turn swiftly down almost hidden alleyways. There were so many lefts and rights that Snape was sure that he would never be able to find his way back here on his own. Finally they came to what seemed like a dead end.

“What now Dumbledore?” sneered Snape. “Does this friend of yours live in a trash can?”

Dumbledore wordlessly reached into his midnight blue robes. From the pocket of which he pulled out a small, crumpled piece of paper. It was this paper that he handed to Severus.

The residence of Hermione Granger is located at Peverell Lane, Godric’s Hollow.

“I want you to read that over in your mind, I will then explain further,” said Dumbledore in a quiet tone, looking over his shoulder as he spoke.

Snape had barely gotten to the end of the sentence before the paper seemed to combust within his fingers, and a wooden door began to materialise out of the bricks.

“The next time that you are here, you will only need to pace in front of the wall three times whilst thinking of the address,” said Dumbledore, hitching up the sleeve of his robe slightly so that his hand was free to form a loose fist and knock on the now solid door. The knocking, although unfamiliar to Severus, seemed to follow a set pattern.

The door opened just a fraction to reveal a young woman with bushy, brown hair. Her eyes, also brown, were wide with fear until she saw who was behind the disturbance.

“Hello, Professor,” she said, opening the door to allow both men to enter. “Please come in.”

Dumbledore stepped over the threshold first, and Snape followed closely behind. He was not sure how far his trust of Dumbledore extended, and he did not want to take any chances. What did this young girl have to say that would keep his Lily safe?

“Hermione,” said Dumbledore once they had seated themselves in the cosy lounge room, “may I please introduce a recently graduated student from Hogwarts, Severus Snape. Although I believe that you are familiar with him under slightly different terms.”

Snape could not be more confused. He had never met this girl in his life. How could she possibly know him already?

“Correct,” replied Hermione, her voice quiet. Too quiet. Perhaps she had misgivings about this situation as well. It was then that the true extent of Hermione’s uneasiness was revealed with several crashing sounds emanating from the area the kitchen seemed to be in.

A resounding ‘CRAP!’ exploded from the area. Dumbledore’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Hermione, do you have other company that you need to attend to?”

Hermione sighed; obviously annoyed that she had been caught out so early on.

“I will be back in a moment,” she replied, her voice full of exasperation as she left the room to attend to the issue that had arisen.

Muffled voices could be heard, followed by a stinging slap. All too soon, Hermione re-emerged with none other than James Potter trailing behind rubbing at his upper arm whilst the same hand held a wand which was levitating a tray of drinks. However, any soreness that he felt immediately dissipated when he clapped eyes on Severus sitting on the couch next to Dumbledore.

“You!” he cried out, pointing his finger at Snape.

Snape’s reflexes were much faster, and within a few seconds he was also standing albeit with his wand pointing directly at James.

Hermione sighed once more, and took the initiative to stand between the two enemies.

“Put your wand away Severus, along with your differences,” she said, raising an eyebrow in expectation. “Your petty schoolboy fights have no place here. We need to discuss business.”

Snape sat himself back down on the sofa; however it took him much longer to gain the courage to put away his weapon.

“Thank you,” replied Hermione once both young men had followed her instructions. “Let’s get straight down to business. We need to make sure that we are all on the same page here, so Severus, I will give you some of my personal history. Both Professor Dumbledore and James are familiar with what I am about to tell you...”

A glass of water stood on the coffee table in front of her, obviously already belonging to her. She took a small sip before continuing.

“I was born almost exactly one year from now, September 1979.”

It took a few moments for this new information to sink in for Snape, but when it did it was not at Hermione that he directed his aggression.

“You brought me here to listen to some witch tell me lies that she is from the future,” he said to Dumbledore. “Is this the same loony person that gave you the prophecy?”

“Severus, I implore you to reserve judgement until you hear everything that Hermione has to say. She is the person who informed me of the existence of the prophecy, but she is not the person who made it. What she is telling you is not a lie.”

Dumbledore nodded for Hermione to continue; irrespective of the faces that Snape seemed to be pulling in his frustration. Snape’s fists were clenched at his side, but he still listened.

“As you suggested, yes, I am indeed from the future. I come from a time where Voldemort was gaining the upper hand in more ways than one. He was seeking to make himself immortal, at any cost. It was a time where people feared each other more than what they do now.”

“No person can make themself truly immortal,” scoffed Snape, still being entirely disbelieving of Hermione’s story.

“Severus, have you ever heard of a horcrux?”

This immediately silenced Snape. His face paled even more than what it already was. His hands fell slack at his sides.

“A horcrux? The Dark Lord made a horcrux?”

Hermione nodded. She was glad that finally Snape seemed to understand the magnitude of what she was suggesting, even if it was only for a moment.

“It wasn’t just one. He made many, hoping that they would never be found. However, that was not the case. I was part of an expedition that sought out to destroy the horcruxes, and we were successful.”

“If you were successful, then why do I need to be in this room with that filthy creature over there?” Snape’s lip curled as he pointed at James for the second time that day.

Hermione was becoming increasingly annoyed with the impertinence that the young Severus Snape held, and his clear disregard for the dangerous situation he found himself in, despite having seemed to understood it only moments ago.

“You need to be here because Voldemort was defeated in 1998. It is now 1978, and he is very much at large. We simply have the benefit of knowing his plan. We have not been able to act on it as yet. The very second that he gets wind of what we are doing could spell disaster for every witch and wizard in Britain. It is the current job of the Order of the Phoenix to keep him as contained as possible.”

Hermione paused for another sip of water, feeling her throat becoming hoarse with use.

“We need to be able to find the objects that he used to contain parts of his soul, before destroying them. It is only by doing this that we are able to save the lives that were lost last time. I do not wish to go into the details of that, but it was disastrous, even for you.”

Sensing that Hermione meant business, Snape put away his transgression before attempting to find out more information.

“There are exactly five objects that we need to collect: the locket of Salazar Slytherin, the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, the cup of Helga Hufflepuff, the ring of Marvolo Gaunt and Tom Riddle’s diary.”

It was James’ turn to scoff.

“Old Voldy certainly did well for himself to make those things into horcruxes.”

“Yes, well. That also forms part of the problem,” replied Hermione with a small smile. “Those are not everyday objects which we have access to. They would be heavily protected even if they were not horcruxes. I know exactly where they were located in the 1990s, but now that we are in the 1970s, I have absolutely no idea where they would be. Our goal is to create a small team that is trustworthy enough, and skilled enough to be able to find them and destroy them. From what I remember from last time, they had a tendency to put up a bit of a fight.”

There was silence as each person pondered who could make up such a team. There would need to be ten people. Two for each horcrux - at a minimum. Then there was the piece that was still residing within Voldemort to consider as well.

“Would you do it, Severus?” asked Hermione, her voice quiet once more despite the courage she had displayed whilst explaining herself.

“I...” Snape was lost for words.

“There is just one condition,” pressed Hermione. “Well, actually two conditions now that I think about it.”

“Yes?” replied Snape, wondering what the conditions would be.

“Firstly, the prophecy that Professor Dumbledore has been telling you about. You must not tell Voldemort about it. Not one tiny little hint. Last time, it was Voldemort finding out about that prophecy that caused the majority of the problems. Secondly, you must remain within his ranks. Do what you can to not get a dark mark, but I will understand if that is unavoidable. You would be our spy.”

Snape was absolutely incensed at these demands.

“You expect me to comply with that! The Dark Lord is exceptionally powerful, he would see right through me!”

Hermione’s mouth twisted into a small smile.

“You are an exceptionally talented Occlumens, Severus. I have no doubt that you would be able to pull this off.”

Snape sat with his mouth gaping wide open. He knew that Dumbledore would not have imparted that piece of information about him, and it was not something that he had revealed about himself to her. It was with that simple sentence that he knew she was telling the truth.

Hermione Granger was indeed from the future, and they really did have a chance at destroying Voldemort once and for all as long as she was with them.

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